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Brother Paul Eddy Passes

Brother Paul Eddy '71 died unexpectedly at home recently leaving his wife Sunny.
Sunny Freeman Eddy
4021 Melchor Ave. Charlotte, NC 28211
Home phone number: 704-504-9598

Paul had been very sick the past 2-3 months and had a car wreck as well. Paul had flown in Laos and Cambodia. He has flown C-130’s, A-37’s and C-141’s most aircraft at Piedmont and at US Airways.

Pauls remains are to be interned at the National Cemetery in Salisbury, NC (date to be determined) Further details are pending.

Project 2015

The House Corporation officers and trustees have initiated Project 2015, an aggressive improvement package to complement work done over the last two years.   While the first two years focused on infrastructure improvements, we also replaced the south pool deck and renovated the old Brother’s office including a guest bathroom with access from the upstairs hallway.    A full listing of last year’ improvements provides a great overview.

Project 2015 tackles larger infrastructure and cosmetic improvements (check out here) that provide long term solutions to those postponed or to-date-unknown issues that require work this year.    Some highlights include the following:

  • Replace the facades of the front columns (extensive rot) and rewire to retain electric outlets.    Place a vinyl ceiling over the front deck to prevent rot/mold (which has to be renovated anyway).
  • Replace and expand the rear north deck to same standards as last year’ renovation of south deck.    Add door into old library from the expanded deck (ADA compliant) with access then to renovated restroom (ADA compliant)
  • Replace sandstone (what we thought was cement) from back door down to pump room
  • Move one and replace one HVAC units to the north and south wings from their respective attics to the main floor and place in room #5 and #14 where there are two closets (this is still under review/pending approval)
  • Video and assess condition of sewer lines leading from house to city with appropriate renovations to take place after assessment (this is still under review/pending approval)
  • Many specific improvements to main living areas as well as rooms requiring plumbing or electrical improvements

If all projects are successfully bid and approved (HVAC and sewer line pending approval), the targeted cost is just under $100,000.

This is probably the biggest project plan we’ve had since paying off the mortgage and having built up a capital improvement fund sufficient to cover emergency expenses (eg roof replacement)    Our goal is to raise an additional $70,000 to fund the $100,000 plan for this year.     Where’s the other $30,000 coming from?    The chapter’s rent has $20,000 allocated to capital improvement projects of this nature, an additional $10,000 has already been raised in new recurring donations to the 1855 Club specifically for this project.   Of the $70,000 needed, we already have one-time donations of $8000 without even formally beginning a fund raising initiative (to the thanks of the current House Corporation Officers and Trustee’s efforts).

Recent improvements have had a direct impact on increased occupancy of the house.   For several years, a lack of a uniform plan to improve living conditions at the house, occupancy fell and Rush suffered due to overall condition of infrastructure (deck, kitchen, ceiling damage due leaks, bathroom issues).    With two years of well thought out renovations, we are on our way to a successful improvement program being orchestrated by competent contractors and a more engaged HI alumni group.

Please consider donating a one-time or recurring monthly donation for the continued improvement of the home of Eta Iota.    There are several method including check (sent to HC Treasurer), electronic bank transfer (from checking), Paypal (from credit cards).   All of these options are here at  Donate Here.

The John R. Delafosse Memorial Scholarship Fund

An ERAU scholarship in honor of Eta Iota founder and one of ERAU at DB's first graduates (and holder of the first graduating class ring) John Delafosse Passed away from cancer 12/13/11. The goal is to make this fund an endowment, which would award only the interest proceeds and keep the scholarship funded indefinitely.

The scholarship awards $3000 per year to cover direct flight expenses for an actively flying Senior student pilot.

Click here to read his bio and donate to the fund

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Understanding Air France 447 by Bill Palmer

Eta Iota webmaster Bill Palmer '79, is the author of "Understanding Air France 447." The book provides the details behind the 2009 crash of Air France 447, an Airbus A330 lost in the Atlantic Ocean north of Brazil. Cited by reviewers as a "must read for every pilot" it is certainly relevant for any pilot flying with automation. Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and through the iTunes store.

For signed copies, and more information, see the book's companion website understandingAF447.com for details.

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