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2015 Alumni Brother Retreat

See the News page or download the details here (2 page pdf) full info page (pdf)

In January 1990, the Alpha Tau pledge class was initiated.
In honor of the 25th Anniversary, I was inspired to plan a simple reunion get away to reconnect with our brothers and their families. But of course this event is open to all alumni, spouses, families, undergraduates, etc.

Hershey, PA.
June 19, 20 & 21 2015
Mike Gehman, 215 804 5072

The John R. Delafosse Memorial Scholarship Fund

An ERAU scholarship in honor of Eta Iota founder and one of ERAU at DB's first graduates (and holder of the first graduating class ring) John Delafosse Passed away from cancer 12/13/11. The goal is to make this fund an endowment, which would award only the interest proceeds and keep the scholarship funded indefinitely.

The scholarship awards $3000 per year to cover direct flight expenses for an actively flying Senior student pilot.

Click here to read his bio and donate to the fund

Understanding Air France 447 by Bill Palmer

Eta Iota webmaster Bill Palmer '79, is the author of "Understanding Air France 447." The book provides the details behind the 2009 crash of Air France 447, an Airbus A330 lost in the Atlantic Ocean north of Brazil. Cited by reviewers as a "must read for every pilot" it is certainly relevant for any pilot flying with automation. Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and through the iTunes store.

For signed copies, and more information, see the book's companion website understandingAF447.com for details.

Help Pay for the New Deck

Help pay for the new deck for the pool side that replaced the wooden one that was rotting away. Estimated cost is $5000 in wood or several times that in a longer lasting material. We've had great support so far, so it's a great time to throw your hat in the ring (and fill it with money).

To donate by electronic check, go to : Bank Draft Donate form. (While designed as an 1855 club donation channel, it can be used for any purpose.

To donate by credit card or paypal, you can use the payment buttons on the 1855 club page, or send money via paypal to 1855club@etaiota.org.


Sigs for Soldiers

Please visit the following website being created: SigsforSoldiers.org. Dave Fraser (HI '77) is participating in a Sigma Chi charitable program that may be very well received. Efforts are under way to get it recognized nationally through official Sigma Chi National channels. Dave thought there might be interest among my own chapter's fellow alumnus in that many are currently or have formerly served in the armed forces. The soldier featured is a Sigma Chi. Click on the links and read about his plight. Please pass the word.

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Eta Iota Family Tree

Eta Iota Family Tree project, a cataloging of the chapter's big brother/little brother history. We've set up our database to collect this information. Here's how you can enter your big and little brothers, and it only takes a few seconds.

  1. Click on Member Directory above, and update your personal data record.
  2. In the Sigma Chi Data section of your data page, select your big brother, and also select a little brother. (You may select one little brother with each data page submission)
  3. Click here to view the family tree as it grows.

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Lost Brothers

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Joe Agro 1987
Marius S. Alecsa 2004
William Berg 1974
Stephen A. Blake 1974
J. Scott Bond 1972
Ted Branscomb 1979
Dennis Caldwell 1972
George G. Cannady 1974
Matt Catalanotto 1996
Glen Catania 1982
Matthew Clarkson 2004
Robert Coffey 1973
Tom Costello 1987
Vince Davis 1981
Jim DeForest 1994
Ken Dolan 1973
Paul Eddy 1971
Kevin Ergenbright 1988
Buddy Evans 1973
Quincy Evans 2004
John Ferguson 1975
Timothy Forman 1974
Col. Jerry Fry 1973
Rodney George 1972
Steve Goldman 1983
Juan Gonzalez 1977
Jim Hamblin 1972
Geoffrey P. Harned 1977
Steve Hartman 1980
Dale Hawkinson 1990
Gerald Hayman 1972
John Hillman 1974
Nick Edward Hoefer 2005
Philip Humbert 1980
Herb Huston 1978
Bill Janak 2004
Paul Jensen 1980
Brian Jones 2002
Dan Kelley 1972
Keith Kelly 1999
Rich Kiever 1977
Mike Kline Jr 2004
Edwin Lesley Jr 2005
Andrew Martin 2004
Bob Matthews 1990
John McDaniel 1973
Dave McGloon 1973
Mark McNally 1991
Steve Meade 1975
Dan Milicevic 1994
Dennis Miller 1973
Pat Mooney 1983
Travis Motes 1995
Scott Peery 2010
Pete Perkins 1984
Douglas Phillips 1973
Michael Read 1995
Carmine Respucci 1985
John Reynolds 1971
Pete Ripley 1973
Archie Roberts 1974
Terry Roberts 1971
Dan Ruth 1991
Mark Schachtel 1980
Thomas Schaeffer 1999
Andy Shiver 2004
Guy Shore 1971
David Simon 1991
Paul Smith 2006
Bert Somers 1989
Clair Stahley 1984
Kevin Stocker 1985
Dave Stuart 1979
Logan Sultenfuss
Gerry Taggart 1982
Tyler R Thies 2008
Howard Trimble 1973
Brian Valimont PhD 2000
Tony Vaz 1987
Ron White 1974
Paul Williams 1971
Phil Williams 1991
Bill Wood 1978
James C Wozniak 1996
Danny Wright 1983
John Wright 1995
Ken Zaccagnini 1985

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