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March 2001 House Corporation President Update

Thursday, March 1st, 2001


Although the party is still about 6 weeks away, it’s official this coming week: Eta Iota turns 30 on Tuesday, March 6th. What’s in store for our chapter as we approach this big anniversary? Who knows? But based on our remarkable history so far, it’s safe to say our chapter certainly has a bright future within Sigma Chi.

Looking back over the past three decades draws quite a picture of our accomplishments as a group as well as individual achievements. Starting from a group of 11 we have grown to over 700 brothers who, in my honest opinion, share some of the closest bonds of brotherhood within our fraternity. With a dozen or so Peterson Significant Chapter Awards we have proven our chapter to be comprised of true Sigma Chis capable of meeting and exceeding the standards of an exemplary chapter.

We have also had our fair share of hurdles and roadblocks along our journey but have emerged as a stronger chapter for having had those experiences. Just last year, Major General John Bailey set another milestone in Eta Iota’s history as his personal achievements earned him the distinction of being the first “Significant Sig” from our chapter. Congratulations again to Brother Bailey and I look forward to future achievements and successes from within our chapter. (more…)