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The 1855 Club turns 9 years old!!!

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

That’s right the 1855 Club was created in May 2000.  I asked John Banta to share some of his early thoughts in creating the 1855 club:

I took on the role of House Corporation President back in 2000 along with Brian Lojko as Vice President and we knew right away that Eta Iota was facing a challenge with long-term capital improvement savings.  Rental income from the undergraduate chapter covered mortgage payments, RMF Insurance premiums and the increasing maintenance costs but not much more.  Past fund-raising initiatives of the chapter such as the Eta Iota Honor Wall demonstrated what we already knew – Eta Iota consists of very generous members who want to support the chapter but a vehicle was needed to facilitate the process.
The idea for the 1855 Club originated as we explored the various fund raising options for Eta Iota’s capital improvement reserves and I wanted a solution that would meet several key criteria:


May 2009 House Corp Update

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Monthly Emails

It has been a long time coming, but the monthly updates are back.  I have always heard requests for better communication from the House Corporation with the Eta Iota alumni base.  It might take a few months to be fully up to speed with these updates; we have some catch up to do for the lack of information in the past few years.  In preparation for writing this email, I took a few minutes to review the last monthly updates, newletters, etc., that both the House Corporation and undergraduate chapter have.  In a nut shell, we (your House Corporation) have done a terrible job at getting information out to our alumni, and for that I deeply apologize.