May 2009 House Corp Update

Monthly Emails

It has been a long time coming, but the monthly updates are back.  I have always heard requests for better communication from the House Corporation with the Eta Iota alumni base.  It might take a few months to be fully up to speed with these updates; we have some catch up to do for the lack of information in the past few years.  In preparation for writing this email, I took a few minutes to review the last monthly updates, newletters, etc., that both the House Corporation and undergraduate chapter have.  In a nut shell, we (your House Corporation) have done a terrible job at getting information out to our alumni, and for that I deeply apologize.

So here’s what we’re going to do: I’m going to fill you in on the events of last month and then you’ll find a link on, under newsletters, there’s a section for House Corp., email me your questions/comments (none will be omitted), and I will do everything I can to answer them.  The goal is to get you the information you want and not bore you with BS.  All questions and answers will be included
in the monthly updates.

House Update

The undergraduate chapter has taken great pride in our house over the past few months.  This all culminated with a graduation sit-down dinner for the graduates and their families at the house.  The parents I talked to were extremely impressed at the condition/cleanliness of the house.  I talked with one parent that remembered helping their son move in and was very hesitant about leaving their child due to the look/feel of the facility.  This parent also expressed their shock at arriving at dinner since they have
not been there since.  The look on their face was priceless and we should all be proud of the undergraduates for stepping up over these past few years.

As you can see from the House Corp meeting minutes we have had an on-going security issue and the cameras we have invested in seem to be working.  We have been able to recover personal items and positively identify the persons responsible.  The initial set of cameras have done well but did not cover all the grounds. We have since invested in another set of cameras to bring our total to eight.  At the time of this update we have five cameras installed, working, and recording.  The other cameras should be
installed by the end of the week.
We have also addressed the rodent problem that was brought to our attention.  We have always had some problems but lately it has gotten out of control.  We hired a professional company to come out and do repairs to the property in order to prevent them from getting in.  They sprayed down the attic and crawl spaces above the wings to kill the odor left by the animals, and set traps throughout the property/house.
Apparently, not only did we have a significant rat problem but also a raccoons.  We also have a three year warranty on all the work, so if we have rodents coming back into the house these guys will come out and remove them.
We’ve also had some stucco issues around the backdoors to the chapter room, Room 1, and Room 9.
These issues are all currently being addressed as we speak. For those of you who might not have heard, about 2 years ago we replaced all the top boards and runners for the entire back deck and back staircase.  The only piece that was not replaced was the four steps
leading down to the pool deck and its adjoining deck sections.  These have also now been all replaced with new boards.
These issues and a handful more will be addressed over the summer term.  The undergraduates have agreed to repaint the house and exterior doors, add some fresh landscaping, refinish the chapter room, and some other odds and ends.  I know this doesn’t sound like much, but believe me, this is light years ahead of what we could expect from the undergraduates in previous years.

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Like always, please verify your information is correct on the database:
1. Go to Eta Iota’s online database. ( and click on Member Directory in the top
2. Enter your last name & the last name of the mascot pictured (ford)
3. Verify your information and upload an optional photo of yourself.
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May Birthdays

Happy Birthday to those Brothers celebrating this month:
05/01 Tyler R Thies “Rainman ” ’08
05/01 Fernando Giuffra “Little Castro ” ’01
05/02 Steve Meade ’75
05/02 Timothy J Sperbeck “Confusius ” ’01
05/03 Nick Edward Hoefer “Grinch ” ’05
05/05 James C Wozniak “Happy Jack ” ’96
05/05 Cyril Maramangalam “Roadrunner ” ’02
05/06 Chris Ashman ’05
05/07 Dave Nelson ’95
05/08 Kevin Rossignon “Dip ” ’06
05/08 James Doncaster “Jim ” ’84
05/09 Phil Morrow ’77
05/10 Barrett Frain “Bighead ” ’96
05/10 Mike Ruganis “Ragu’ ” ’79
05/10 Paul English ’89
05/10 Aaron Pauly “Mrs Muffet ” ’04
05/11 Eric Dreisbach ’84
05/11 Robert Pacheco “Rob ” ’90
05/12 Drew Hunter “Gary ” ’03
05/13 Richard Sturtevant “Skip ” ’74
05/13 Ron White ’74
05/13 Albert A. Chacos ’74
05/14 Gary Prestipino ’91
05/14 Christopher Rosen ’93
05/14 Andy Shiver ’04
05/14 Jeff Guthrie “Frank N Beans ” ’03
05/16 Ed Tobin ’77
05/16 Michael Donahue “Mike ” ’99
05/17 William F. Gutierrez “William ” ’86
05/18 Russell A. Strine “Russ ” ’73
05/18 John Buckner ’78
05/19 Ray Santa ’75
05/20 Mark Happ “Fatboy ” ’85
05/22 Jere Andrews ’73
05/22 Sebastian Ciepiela “TeaBag ” ’05
05/23 Ken Hoyt ’75
05/23 Ross Guscette ’76
05/23 Roger Hughey “Vasco Da Gama ” ’01
05/24 Steve Foster ’71
05/24 Gaspare Martino ’80
05/25 Robert Paul Tetrault “Mr. Burns ” ’04
05/25 Paul Eddy ’71
05/25 Chad Greer ’97
05/26 Gary Zambito “Z ” ’74
05/26 Bill Ross ’77
05/26 Joe Agro ’87
05/26 Shane McGoldrick ’93
05/27 Ron Moore Col “Crash ” ’73
05/27 Gary Towers ’81
05/27 Charles Bonini ’96
05/27 Travis Motes ’95
05/28 Dane Slough ’90
05/30 William F. Teague Bill ’89
05/31 Fawaz Atchoo “Uzi ” ’92
05/31 Guy Ligon III ’88
05/31 Dan Milicevic ’94
05/31 Randall A Sarver “Shakespere ” ’99
5/31/ Matthew Pillon “Cuffs ” ’08
Finally, I’d like to thank everyone on the House Corporation and all the other volunteers for their endless
dedication and time.

Hope everyone has a great month.  Be safe and we’ll talk to you again soon.

Brett Miller

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