House Corp. Treasurer Report – May ’09

Hello Brothers,

It was the best of months, it was the worst of months…..

We spent a crap load of money this month – $10,943.86.

  • $4240 to the rat exterminators.
  • $482.65 to Giles Electric to fix the breezeway lights from the kitchen to the back deck.
  • $3329.20 to St. Rock Construction for drywall, stucco and roof repair
  • $858.50 for the security camera work Brad Vomacka completed.
  • $2019.99 to Home Depot for repair work Brett Miller did to bathrooms, poolside deck and other areas.
  • $13.52 to Paypal for credit card donations.

Good news is that all major summer repair jobs are completed in May, which must be some kind of record.
We also had our best month of fund raising($1517.04) since the 35th Birthday party.

5 new members in the 1855 clubJason Clancy, Jason Kreisher, Bill Palmer, Brad Vomacka and Dave Elert. Mike Pelosi split his annual $500 donation between the 1855 club and the special projects fund.
Two annual 1855 memberships lapsed, but they assured me they would contribute in June. I also have a few more brothers lined up and hope to hit 50 members by next month… if you can, feel free to join in:)
In hoc,
907 360 1921


2 Responses to “House Corp. Treasurer Report – May ’09”

  1. Bill Palmer says:

    That is a great picture. Is that your child?

    • Seth Downs says:

      Thanks, but no that is not my rug rat! I thought the picture had the right combination of wonder, disgust and revulsion. That, and it was first picture that the Google search produced.