July 2009 House Corp News

In this Issue:
House Update
Treasurer’s Update
1855 News
Announcements & Birthdays

House Update

All in all a pretty slow month at the house.  The undergraduates have done some major landscaping this month.  The grass is green and alive (which doesn’t sound like much, but it is light-years forward from where we have been in the past).  They have also overhauled the planting beds; digging them out completely, laying down new weed-block fabric, removing the old wood that lined the beds and installed new, repainting the house walls that were stained from the old bushes and finally they will beginning to plant scrubs/bushes in these beds in the next few days.  Some limited funds from the alumni have been allocated with some stipulation ensuring the survival of these plants over time.

As for the alumni, we have given the chapter room a bit of a face lift.  The wooden trim is still there, however it was sanded smooth, removing the old stain for a fresh coat and lighter color.  We have patched all the holes in the walls and added a fresh coat of paint to the remaining chapter room wall faces.  We also put in new door trim around the front and rear exit doors as well as the kitchen door.  And even though this does not sound like that big of a task, we could not have finished this job without the help from some of our undergraduates; namely Joe Gablin, Nic Hugo, and Ryan Rush.  We’ll be doing some final polishing to this room and others during the alumni work weekend.

Speaking of which, thank you to all who replied; attending, not-attending, or unsure, to the e-invite for the alumni work/relax weekend.  We’ll be helping the undergraduates with some final touches that weekend, and I hope all can attend.  I do understand we did not put out this information early enough for some of you to attend this event, for that I apologize.  We will make every effort to announce event dates earlier in the future.  With that being said, next month the House Corporation will be announcing its planned dates for this coming year’s birthday celebration.  We understand that non-five year celebrations are smaller in size, however the hope is to make it affordable enough and announce the plans far enough in advance that more alumni and their families can attend.

Treasurer’s Update

Our fiscal year (2008) ended on June 30th, 2009 with a net gain of 18k.  For the first time since 2004 we were in the black, which at face value is a good thing, but considering that the burden of $20k in mortgage payments no longer exists, we should be saving a lot more.  We spent over $17k maintaining the chapter house, which due to its age, needs constant attention. Our fundraising has increased by 32% but is still is a long way from building the kind of down payment that will be necessary for a new chapter house.  Full details of our financial reports are posted on the Eta Iota news page, click on the Treasurer Report tab on the right.

1855 News

The 1855 club has seen significant growth in the past 3 months since our 38th Birthday celebration.  A realization that the future success of our chapter and the of building a new chapter house will require a long term financial invest by the alumni, seems to be resonating more clearly now.  We started the year with 36 members, and finished June with 52 members.  We hope that by the end of 2009 to have doubled our membership to 72.

Of note is that Kurt Kienest’s 5 year group of initiates from 1995-’99 are leading the way with a participation rate of 19%, which is far and above any other 5 year group.

We would like to thank the following brothers for their investment in the 1855 club:

Larry Hesterberg
Ryan Carson
Gabe Davis
Darren Wilson
Grant Petronsky
Chris Fox
Brett Miller
Tyler Grinnell
Joby Titus
Ty Gibson
Jere Thome
Malcolm MacGregor

Lastly a big thanks to Bill Kingsley & Bill Isakson, who have donated the funds needed for the first phase in the special projects fund.


Quick reminder, we’ll be having our alumni work weekend, August 15th & 16th.  Also check out the undergraduate’s website for our RUSH schedule.  Everyone is welcome to the spaghetti dinner September 11th, 6:00pm at the house.  Contact Nic Hugo – Rush Chair for more information.

July Birthdays

Happy Birthday to those Brothers celebrating this month:

07/01 James D. Atkins ’85
07/01 Mauricio Aguilar “Reese ” ’89
07/02 James Lambertsen “Jack Ryan ” ’06
07/02 Steve Bobonick ’78
07/02 Jeff Oltman ’82
07/02 George Zimmer “Zoomer ” ’82
07/02 Mike Knizewski “Ski ” ’86
07/02 Jon Burrows “scam ” ’91
07/05 Sidi Lemnouni ’73
07/05 Mike Murray ’75
07/05 Robert Paulus Jr. “Rob ” ’81
07/05 Mike Patterson ’95
07/07 Randy Symanski “troll ” ’00
07/08 Bryan Clauss ’08
07/09 Don A. Miller ’79
07/09 Chris Michael Ferguson “ACE ” ’03
07/10 Richard A. Farina “Rich ” ’76
07/10 Frank Memolo ’84
07/10 Mike Sleeper ’92
07/11 Ramano Sprueil MD “Miner ” ’94
07/12 Frank Bloomer ’81
07/12 Andrew Martin ’04
07/13 William Berg “Bill ” ’74
07/13 Pat Mooney ’83
07/14 Chad Ciaravella ’00
07/15 Pat Muncie ’75
07/15 Christopher Fox “Zegular ” ’99
07/16 Ryan G Jarvis “Wiggum ” ’05
07/18 Roy Lockwood ’72
07/18 Chadwick Conner “Chad ” ’90
07/18 Ken Zaccagnini ’85
07/19 David Little ’95
07/20 James Richard Allison IV “Dickie ” ’03
07/20 Rich Winter “skinny ” ’05
07/21 Guy Shore ’71
07/21 James L. Webre “Jim ” ’74
07/21 Cory Weir ’97
07/22 Mario Scalzo Jr ’87
07/23 Jason Smith “VANILLA ” ’00
07/24 Stephen A. Blake “Steve ” ’74
07/25 Hobson Morgan ’73
07/25 Lawson Mansfield ’77
07/25 Gerry Taggart ’82
07/25 Tommy Alouf ’82
07/26 Scott Rehn “Corncob ” ’99
07/26 Jeff Feliciano “Hummer ” ’05
07/27 Richard Bush “Rich ” ’75
07/27 Mark McNally ’91
07/27 John Williams III “Chewy ” ’92
07/28 Scott McIvor ’93
07/29 Kevan MacKenzie “Fuzzy ” ’01
07/30 Scott Peery “Bruce Wayne ” ’10
07/30 Keith Kelly ’99
07/31 David L Campbell ’78
07/31 Bill Krebs “Toto ” ’86
7/20/ Ryan C. Rush “SOOEEE ” ’10

Enjoy your summer BBQ’s , and like always check the website for the latest Eta Iota / Sigma Chi news/updates.

Guard Well,

Brett Miller

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  1. john banta says:

    Nice work on the undergrad/alumni house updates. How about posting some pictures of the improvements?