Deck Fundraising Standings

$14,148 Total Funds raised  – Updated 10/17/13

By Pledge Class Total $$$

$2,866 Alpha Tau
$2,316 Alpha Phi
$1,250 Beta Gamma
$794 Psi
$644 Alpha Omicron
$500 Beta Iota
$500 Epsilon
$500 Alpha
$383 Rho
$350 Alpha Chi
$350 Beta Alpha
$250 Beta Nu
$250 Beta Zeta
$250 Beta Omicron
$222 Alpha Iota
$222 Xi
$212 Alpha Upislon
$200 Beta Eta
$200 Nu
$200 Alpha Sigma
$200 Theta
$200 Zeta
$111 Alpha Rho
$111 Eta
$111 Mu
$100 Alpha Xi
$100 Alpha Gamma
$100 Beta Tau
$100 Nu
$100 Founder’s
$100 Beta Xi
$100 Alpha Alpha


Beta Rho


$50 Alpha Gamma

By % of pledge brother participation

Beta Zeta 100%
Alpha Phi 63%
Alpha Xi 38%
Psi 36%
Xi 33%
Rho 33%
Beta Gamma 29%
Alpha Upislon 29%
Alpha Chi 29%
Alpha Tau 24%
Beta Xi 20%
Alpha Sigma 20%
Theta 18%
Beta Alpha 18%
Alpha Omicron 18%
Beta Eta 15%
Zeta 13%
Nu 13%
Beta Nu 13%
Alpha Rho 11%
Alpha Alpha 10%
Eta 9%
Nu 8%
Beta Tau 8%
Alpha Iota 8%
Epsilon 7%
Beta Iota 7%
Mu 7%
Alpha Gamma 6%
Alpha Gamma 6%
Beta Omicron 5%


By total# of pledge brothers

5 – Alpha Phi

4 – Psi, Alpha Tau

3 – Alpha Omicron, Psi, Rho, Beta Eta, Alpha Xi


The Chalenges:

Todd Weeber got the challenges started off in a big way…

“I challenge any pledge class to beat the amount donated so far by Alpha Tau($1,966). If you can, we will kick in another $500. Good luck. Seth Downs, care to put numbers up by class? It is on, no?”

That challenge was quickly meet by the Alpha Phi pledge class when Ryan Steffey made a large donation and the longest standing 1855 club monthly member Chris Edmudson completed the challenge!  Since then Ryan put out his own challenge to his pledge class:

Ryan Steffey To all of my Alpha Phi pledge class, if we get up to Alpha Tau’s total($2,766) or within $100. I will put in another $500. Come on Brothers, we were taught to always strive to be the best. 3 other pledge brothers (John Spilotro, Mark Pfister, and Doug Sherwood)  have donated since then, putting them within $350 of meeting Ryan’s challenge

John Banta Lets make this happen. I’m matching the next 4 alumni who commit to putting up $250. This challenge has been meet by Ramano Sprueil, Allen Cassino, Anthony Hammond and George Yurcic.

Seth Downs I’ll throw in $100 for each fellow Alpha Upsilon pledge brother of mine that joins in at the base 1855 club level of $112 or higher. Michael Tomlin is the first to accept that challenge.


Donors to date: 59

Allen Cassino
Anthony Hamond
Bill Barsin
Bill Dlhosh
Bill Ulm
Chad Bright
Chad Brisbane
Chris Edmudson
Chris Nevins
Chuck Bonini
Dan Bush
Dave Spaller
Dave Wilkinson
David Campbell
David Marino
Doug Sherwood
Drew Jones
Gary Marville
Gary Wolf
George Pence
George Yurcic
Gerard Filippone
Glenn White
James Ahrens
James Bull
Jere Anderson
Joby Titus
Joe Adkins
John Banta
John Spilotro
John Willaims
John Wrightington
Keith Harrison
Kevan Mackenzie
Kurt Kieast
Mario Scalzo
Mark Pfister
Michael Tomlin
Mike Gehman
Mike Pelosi
Neil Campbell
Nick Cornwell
Phillip Reinfeldt
Ramano Sprueil
Rich Schooley
Rich Winter
Rob Pacheo
Rob Paulus

Roger Moody

Ryan Carson
Ryan Steffey
Scott Ekey
Seth Downs
Shawn Lowe
Steve Schmidt
Steve Whitlock
Terry Owens
Thomas Henion
Todd Weeber
Tom Reynolds


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