June 2000 House Corporation President Update

I just got the summer issue of The Magazine and while looking through it, it was great to find Eta Iota in so many places. From our alumni brothers submitting letters and photos to an article from the undergrads. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet or do not subscribe, here’s a quick wrap up…

As I mentioned in the last House Corp newsletter, Brother John Bailey was recognized as a Significant Sig at a Houston Alumni meeting earlier this year. More information of the event and a picture of John getting his award can be found on page??.

Alumni Brothers Brian Lojko and Chris MacDougall can be seen on page ?? in a photo taken in front of a Lockheed Martin C-5. The Magazine is usually pretty obliging in printing any photos we submit (however some pictures I’ve seen come out of our chapter are probably best left in the chapter photo albums). Send in some shots!

Our chapter showed a fantastic response to headquarter’s request for submissions about memorable events in your life as a Sigma Chi. There will be more letters added online at sigmachi.org , but check out the printed version to see mention of our Brothers who made the print:
Chris Nevins
John Wright
Rob Pacheco

Unfortunately, there was also mention of an Eta Iota Brother entering the Chapter Eternal. Kim Scribner was an honorary member of Eta Iota and had an impressive set of credentials in the aviation industry.

As for a house update, I made it over to Daytona last month and found the general condition is improving significantly. The updated fire alarm has been installed and is working properly and we even have illuminated exit signs over the chapter room door (RMF insisted we do this). If someone couldn’t find their way out of the chapter room in an emergency, he’s probably a good candidate for Darwin’s Law.

We are still looking at renovating 2 rooms this summer. Rooms 3 and 5 are both in pretty rough shape from previous leaks in the ceilings and bad A/Cs leaving water damage to the walls. I’d like to do a complete makeover for these 2 rooms but this is dependent on House Corp raising the necessary funds. You should have received a sign up form for the 1855 Club this past week along with a HC newsletter. Please consider a small monthly contribution to make projects like this and long term savings for a new house possible. You can now sign up online and contribute as little as $9 a month. Remember “Gaze into the eyes of the Brothers…they look to you for future support as an alumnus”!?

I hope everyone’s having a great month and we’ll talk soon.

Guard Well,

John Banta
House Corporation President


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