December 2000 House Corporation President Update

House Corp Update

We recently mailed out the fall House Corp newsletter and you should have received it by now. Enclosed you found an update from the undergrads and some important information about the big birthday bash next April. Be sure to check out the online page for updates ( and be on the look out for your complete invitation package scheduled to be mailed in December!

Common 1855 Club question answered

Several Brothers have asked if it’s ok to send in checks instead of sign up for the automatic draft for the 1855 Club. Absolutely! The automatic draft was set up as a convenience feature and has worked very well so far but we’re not forcing people to use it. You may still send hand-written checks however often you want and for whatever amount you care to donate. All donations still count towards the 1855 Club levels and you will still receive the gifts no matter how you donate. Call Rich Schooley or John Banta for additional information or send checks to:
John Banta
2816 Vine ST #167
Dallas, TX 75204

Welcome Beta Rho Pledge Class Initiates!

Brian and I would like to give a special thanks to Fawaz Atchoo, Mike Gehman, and Gary Prestipino for helping to initiate 12 new members to our order, and for generously donating money to purchase bbq after the ceremonies. By the way, for those of you who haven’t heard, this most recent pledge class wired the chapter house to support a local area network and DSL access to every room as part of their house project. I’m looking forward to hearing more about this from the actives…when is the webcam being installed? Join me in welcoming the Brothers of the Beta Rho pledge class, initiated to our circle Nov 18th:
Brian Jones
Matt Clarkson
Ryan Collins
Justin Dailey
Gabe Davis
Joel Fenton
Bill Janak
Drew Jones
Mike Kline
Aaron Pauly
Trevor Prigge
Brent Von Stein

Win $100 off the price of your 30th Birthday ticket

Interested in the chance to win $100 off the price of your ticket to 30th Birthday??? Of course you are. We’re looking for some memorable moments caught on film that commemorate 30 years of the Eta Iota chapter and the men that have passed through its doors. Get out your shoeboxes stuffed with photos and look for the great shots of your outstanding times with Sigma Chi.

The House Corporation Trustees will be asked to pick the one that best exemplifies the bonds of brotherhood in our chapter and that winning picture will be worth $100. Group pictures are great but send whatever you’ve got! We’re looking for anything you may have that paints a picture of your experiences as a Sigma Chi. Send whatever you want, and however many you want, but don’t be surprised if it winds up printed somewhere during birthday weekend! If you prefer, we can return all photos as long as you include a return address.

Official Rules:
· Everyone is eligible…. actives, alumni, sweethearts…. Anyone!
· Send as many pictures as you want…no limits
· Whatever size prints you have is fine: 3×5, 4×6, 5×7…whatever.
· The Eta Iota House Corp Trustees will vote to determine the picture that will be worth $100. In the event of a tie, the $100 will be split among the winning submissions.
· The $100 prize will be awarded as a discount off of the winner’s ticket price to 30th Birthday.

Send your pictures to:
John Banta
2816 Vine ST #167
Dallas, TX 75204

Guard Well,


John Banta
Eta Iota House Corporation President

Brian Lojko
Eta Iota House Corporation Vice President

December Birthdays

As always, Happy Birthday to those Brothers celebrating in the coming month of December:

Name/Class Day
James Ahrens 1990 1
William Cannon 1998 1
Duncan Copeland 1993 1
Bryant Jones 1992 1
Bill Jones 2001 1
Lee Jordan Lanford 2001 1
Doug Trommer 1984 1
John Feliu 1971 2
James Deforest 1994 4
Murdock MacGregor 1990 4
Glen Wilkinson 1991 4
Harold Belcher 1973 5
Tom Santurri 1972 6
Scott Kropp 1987 7
Brett Reasner 1987 7
James Bull 1976 8
Robert Johnson 1974 8
Graham Crippin 1987 10
Tom Reed 1971 10
Kieran Sullivan 1988 10
Jerry Nichols 1972 11
Brian Jones 2002 12
Rich Kiever 1977 14
Tony Kralich 1977 14
Greg Maltese 1977 14
Curt Kienast 2000 15
Robby Long 2000 15
Michael S. Plantz 1972 15
Bryan Stevens 2004 15
Gregg Dudzinski 1989 16
Bill Isakson 1987 16
John-Paul Maydak 1999 16
Tim Woleben 1972 16
Chris Thiel 1987 17
Joseph Gamarano 1972 18
Ryan Carson 1999 19
Stephen Woerz 1975 20
Paul Lojko 1996 21
Doug Phillips 1973 23
Ted Branscomb 1979 24
Frank Gangichiodo 2004 24
Gerald Hayman 1972 24
Ed Vogel 1972 24
Howard Trimble 1973 25
Steve Goldman 1983 26
Alan Kotarba 1988 26
Ryan Donley 2000 28
Mark Eberle 1977 28
Danny Shellhouse 1982 28
Mark Becker 1980 30
John Bruns 1983 30
Grant Petronsky 2002 30
Kevin Parker 1997 31
Ryan Wakefield 2001 31

Lost Sigs

Lastly, if you know the whereabouts of any of the following brothers, please ask them to send their current address to House Corp.

First Name Last name Class Status description
Brian Austin Alumnus
Chris Beale 1975 Alumnus
Mark Becker 1980 Alumnus
Bill Berg 1974 Alumnus
Stephen A. Blake 1974 Alumnus
J. Scott Bond 1972 Alumnus
Zachariah Bowers 1993 Alumnus
Ted Branscomb 1979 Alumnus
Dennis Caldwell 1972 Alumnus
Guy Cannady 1974 Alumnus
Glen Catania 1982 Alumnus
Matt Clarkson Undergraduate
Mike Clohisy 1982 Alumnus
Ryan Collins Undergraduate
Justin Dailey Undergraduate
Gabe Davis Undergraduate
Ron Delle Donne 1980 Alumnus
Mike Donahue 1999 Alumnus
Joel Fenton Undergraduate
John Ferguson 1975 Alumnus
Tim Forman 1974 Alumnus
Mitch Friedman 1991 Alumnus
Col. Jerry Fry 1973 Alumnus
Richard Gadd 1972 Alumnus
Rodney George 1972 Alumnus
Steve Goldman 1983 Alumnus
Juan Gonzalez 1977 Alumnus
Jim Hamblin 1972 Alumnus
Hubert Harrison 1974 Alumnus
Earl Hines 1985 Alumnus
Ron Hoye 1994 Alumnus
Phil Humbert 1980 Alumnus
Bill Jakeman 1971 Alumnus
Ted Janiec 1985 Alumnus
Craig Jenkins 1999 Alumnus
Drew Jones Undergraduate
Todd Kaylor 1983 Alumnus
Dan Kelley 1972 Alumnus
Keith Kelly 1999 Alumnus
Rich Kiever 1977 Alumnus
Larry Kolar 1973 Alumnus
Larry Maddox 1977 Alumnus
Gaspare Martino 1980 Alumnus
Bob Matthews 1990 Alumnus
John McDaniel 1973 Alumnus
Dave McGloon 1973 Alumnus
Steve Meade 1975 Alumnus
Mark Milham 1979 Alumnus
Dave Ming 1999 Alumnus
Ron Moore 1973 Alumnus
Nick Nesta 1985 Alumnus
Jerry Nichols 1972 Alumnus
Harry Nostrant 1987 Alumnus
Aaron Pauly Undergraduate
Pete Perkins 1984 Alumnus
Michael S. Plantz 1972 Alumnus
Trevor Prigge Undergraduate
Terry Roberts 1971 Alumnus
Ted Sandoval 1986 Alumnus
Christopher Sanscrainte 1995 Alumnus
Mario Scalzo 1987 Alumnus
Ryan Schubert 1999 Alumnus
Mike Sleeper 1992 Alumnus
Dave Stuart 1979 Alumnus
Gerry Taggart 1982 Alumnus
Chris Tomlinson Undergraduate
Ron Toy 1992 Alumnus
Howard Trimble 1973 Alumnus
Tony Vaz 1987 Alumnus
Brent VonStein Undergraduate
Harry Wilkes 1971 Alumnus
Phil Williams 1991 Alumnus
Gary Wolf 1979 Alumnus
Danny Wright 1983 Alumnus


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