January 2001 House Corporation President Update

On behalf of The House Corporation, I hope everyone and their family enjoyed a safe and happy holiday season. We have accomplished a lot in 2000 and are keeping up the pace into 2001 in preparation for the big projects and events planned for Eta Iota.

30th Birthday Update

You should have already received your complete invitation packet for 30th Birthday (they were sent out earlier in December so let us know if it has not arrived). We have posted complete information on the website at http://www.etaiota.org/birthday.htm including the full weekend schedule, hotel & travel discounts, contact information, pricing and even the ability to make online credit card payments!

Brian and I were in Daytona recently to work with Grant Petronksy on finalizing the LPGA contracts for our Friday golf tournament. This looks to be quite an event by itself – not only do we have great rates secured on a world-class course, they’re even giving us carts equipped with GPS and a roaming beverage cart stocked with complimentary drinks. Be sure to make your reservations early for the entire weekend package before the prices go up on Feb 22nd.

30th Anniversary mentioned in The Leader

You may have also noticed in the Fall 2000 issue of The Leader that ERAU has recognized our 30th anniversary in the calendar of upcoming events (page 11). They’re almost as excited about this as we are and they are diligently working with us to ensure this will be a first class weekend for all visiting alumni.

Furniture Contacts Anyone?

As indicated in a previous letter, we’re looking into replacing the chapter room furniture with some similar ‘heavy duty’ couches and tables. We have already spoken with ERAU housing director and they suggested we check out BLOCKHOUSE FURNITURE of Aiken, SC. We will likely get a substantial discount through them with our affiliation with the university but I wanted to ask if anyone else had any leads.

If anyone knows of a furniture distributor who may have contacts for industrial strength furniture (no cheap particle-board stuff), please drop me an email (magnum@ntplx.net) so we can contact them for comparison.

1855 Club Coins

The 1855 Club Coins are currently being designed and final designs will be presented to the Trustees for approval in the near future. The custom-made brass coins are turning out to be quite impressive. Our plan is to have the coins cast in time for the 1855 Club members to receive their numbered coin at Birthday weekend in April. For more information or to become a member, please contact Rich Schooley at (770) 552-7250 or John Banta at (214) 979-0850 or you can sign up online at http://etaiota.org/1855club/1855club.htm

January Birthdays

Once again, Happy Birthday to those Brothers celebrating this month
Sky Brown 1970 1
Brian Hendrix 1980 1
Robert O. Talamo 1979 2
Bill Jakeman 1971 3
Pete Perkins 1984 4
Erik Visser 2000 4

Walter DeWitt 1974 5
Dave Gotwald 1971 5
Larry Robertson 1973 5
Scott Wareham 1997 5
David Biddiscombe 1980 6
Charles Brisbane 1977 6
Tom Parker 1971 6
Steve Robinson 1986 6
Bryan Cody 1997 9
Bob Weisenseel 1994 15
James Lee 1989 16
A Clay Wilson 1988 16
John Hall 1995 17
Michael A. Day 1986 18
Tony Vaz 1987 20
Darin Chapman 1986 21
Scott Curll 1993 22
Dan Eberhardt 1986 22
Tim Hyland 1987 22
Frederick Burton 1972 23
Joe Di Pietro 1974 23
Natale DiPietro 1975 23
Dave Klase 1974 23
Pete Moriarty 1990 23
Theodore Sheyda 1972 23
Robert M. Toups 1991 23
Ross Giamportone 1994 24
Fred Block 1993 25
David Weiffenbach 1981 27
Sean Carey 1999 28
Todd Perlman 1995 28
Ray Pyon 1999 29
Hubert Harrison 1974 30
Dan Kelley 1972 31


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