February 2001 House Corporation President Update


We’re down to 3 weeks and counting until the preliminary deadline! Be sure to send in your registration and make your arrangements. Ticket costs go up after Feb 22nd and the hotel rooms at the plaza Resort & Spa are already filling up quickly at our discounted rate. American and Delta are also starting to fill up with the start of summer vacationers so be sure to book soon if you want to take advantage of the 5-10% discount we’ve arranged with both carriers.

Send in your pictures before the $100 contest comes to a close. We must receive them by Feb 15th and the Trustees will determine the winning photo at that time. Remember, send whatever and however many you want & everyone is eligible! Got to http://www.etaiota.org/birthday.htm for complete information including the address where you can send your shots.

EtaIota.org has been updated to accept MasterCard/Visa payments for 30th Birthday. If you don’t want to pay by check, just go to http://www.etaiota.org/birthday.htm and click on your desired ticket package and you’ll be taken to paypal.com. This site is totally secure (I use it all the time) and they will process your one-time payment directly to House Corp (no extra fees). After paying, mail in your registration card with your name & banquet choices to the address indicated or you can email the info to etaiota30th@yahoo.com.

House Corporation Elections

Be thinking if you would like to serve as a House Corporation officer for the 2001-2002 term. Positions: President, VP, Secretary, & Treasurer. Also, two Trustee slots will be up for election this year. Officer terms are for one year & the trustee positions are three-year commitments. If you wish to run for one of these positions, call or email me.

Chapter Room Furniture Reminiscent of Sanford & Sons

Thank you to all of you who have helped with various contacts regarding furniture. We have received some great information and it looks like Blockhouse will give us the best deal. I have received all the details about our options and am awaiting approval from our Trustees. By the way, Blockhouse is the distributor for most campuses around the country and their furniture is pretty amazing. It looks nice, is really comfortable and even comes with a 10-year warranty against breakage (they claim it’s a popular choice in our prison systems too)!

1855 Club Coins Coming Soon

The Trustees have voted and we will be having the 1855 Club coins cast in the coming month. They will be ready for Birthday for those of you who have become members. Thank you again for your continuing support…I am sure you will all like these custom coins – they are really cool. For those of you still waiting to sign up, call Rich Schooley or John Banta or you can sign up online at http://www.etaiota.org.
This year has started with a bang and The 1855 Club is progressing very well! We currently have 24 brothers participating and the program has collected over $3600 so far.

Lost Sigs – Where are You?

Take a close look at the list of brothers below. We do not have their current addresses so none of them have received any information about Birthday or anything else that the chapter is doing. If you know their whereabouts, give them a call and tell them to please get in touch with any of us and update their address.
John Emhoff 2000
Jason Smith 2000
Michael Donahue 1999
Craig Jenkins 1999
Zachariah Bowers 1993
Ron Toy 1992
Phil Williams 1991
Bob Matthews 1990
Harry Nostrant 1987
Ted Sandoval 1986
Earl Hines 1985
Nick Nesta 1985
Pete Perkins 1984
Steve Goldman 1983
Todd Kaylor 1983
Dudley Mecum 1983
Danny Wright 1983
Mike Clohisy 1982
Gerry Taggart 1982
Mark Becker 1980
Ron Delle Donne 1980
Gaspare Martino 1980
Dave Stuart 1979
Herb Huston 1978
Juan Gonzalez 1977
Rich Kiever 1977
Larry Maddox 1977
Chris Beale 1975
John Ferguson 1975
Steve Meade 1975
Mike Murray 1975
Lawrence Rea 1975
Stephen A. Blake 1974
George G. Cannady 1974
Hubert Harrison 1974
Col. Jerry Fry 1973
Larry Kolar 1973
Ron Moore 1973
Howard Trimble 1973
Richard Gadd 1972
Rodney George 1972
Jim Hamblin 1972
Dan Kelley 1972
Bill Jakeman 1971
Terry Roberts 1971
Harry Wilkes 1971
Gregory Snell

Happy Birthdays

And Once Again, Happy Birthday to those celebrating in February:
Name/Class Day
Bill Barsin 1973 1
Jon Downey 1987 1
John Schelke 2000 1
Dave Marino 1999 2
Mark Nicalek 2004 6
Everett Clark 1992 8
Morris Ford 1975 8
Rich Gandionco 1995 9
Dan Rees 1973 9
Agapito Rios III 1983 9
Jon Woodman 1995 11
Steve Whitlock 1977 12
Kim Scribner 1960 13
Chris Urquieta 1992 14
Michael Annichiarico 2000 15
Joseph Barrois 2004 16
Dave Simon 1993 16
Bob Butterworth 1973 17
Mitch Friedman 1991 17
Bill Dlhosh 1992 18
Dave Wilkinson 1973 18
Brian Hoefig 1987 19
Justin Dailey 2000 21
Bronte Marshall 1987 21
John Reynolds 1971 22
Earl Hines 1985 23
Randy Reinfeldt 1985 23
Vince Davis 1981 24
Bernard Morrison 1986 25
James Scotto 1980 25
Greg Stratford 1979 25
Col. Jerry Fry 1973 26
Jean Ajayakumar 2000 27
James Allen 1972 27
Anthony Kahler 1994 27
John Spankus 1989 27
Danny Wright 1983 27
Glen Catania 1982 28
Matthew Clarkson 2004 29
Joel Fenton 2003 29
Kent Krause 1991 29
Michael P O’Donnell 2000 29
Trevor Prigge 2003 29
Christopher Tomlinson 2002 29
Brent VonStein 2004 29
Mike Williams 1973 29


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