March 2001 House Corporation President Update


Although the party is still about 6 weeks away, it’s official this coming week: Eta Iota turns 30 on Tuesday, March 6th. What’s in store for our chapter as we approach this big anniversary? Who knows? But based on our remarkable history so far, it’s safe to say our chapter certainly has a bright future within Sigma Chi.

Looking back over the past three decades draws quite a picture of our accomplishments as a group as well as individual achievements. Starting from a group of 11 we have grown to over 700 brothers who, in my honest opinion, share some of the closest bonds of brotherhood within our fraternity. With a dozen or so Peterson Significant Chapter Awards we have proven our chapter to be comprised of true Sigma Chis capable of meeting and exceeding the standards of an exemplary chapter.

We have also had our fair share of hurdles and roadblocks along our journey but have emerged as a stronger chapter for having had those experiences. Just last year, Major General John Bailey set another milestone in Eta Iota’s history as his personal achievements earned him the distinction of being the first “Significant Sig” from our chapter. Congratulations again to Brother Bailey and I look forward to future achievements and successes from within our chapter.


Most of you probably got the email or have seen the web page indicating that the cutoff date for early registration has been extended until March 16th. We were able to do this after numerous brothers indicated that they were not yet sure of their schedules in late April but still wanted to attend if at all possible. The Plaza cooperated and we have been able to secure the same room rate and hold the room availability until this extended date. After the 16th however, rooms cannot be guaranteed and the weekend registration costs go up to $140 per person or $250 per couple. So be sure to register now if you haven’t already. Some people have asked about the party on Friday night. We have some fantastic stuff lined up to make sure this is a memorable event worth attending. We are bringing back the caterers from 25th birthday to feed us all with their great back-yard barbecue. We’ll also have some new stuff this year such as frozen drink machines serving up tasty concoctions in addition to the beer, wine and sodas. As for entertainment (and this will certainly be a highlight) we have booked Rev-7 from Jacksonville. These guys put on a pretty amazing show and have recently signed a recording deal that is bringing them playtime on several rock-alternative radio stations throughout the southeast. You’ll hear about this group soon nation wide, come see them play at our house! Wondering who is signed up so far to attend Birthday? The list grows every day and can be seen in it’s most recent form at


In past newsletters I have written about the current condition of the house as ‘needing some work’. Well, between the undergraduate chapter and House Corp we’re doing something about it. In the past month we have re-carpeted the entire upstairs and stairway and have placed the order for new furniture for the chapter room. Prior to birthday, we will also be replacing the wood surrounding the 4 columns in front of the house as they have deteriorated since the renovations. All of these improvements have been made possible by revenues from the active chapter and alumni donations through the 1855 Club. Come by to see these improvements and the high-speed network installed last year by the actives…you’re sure to be impressed.


It’s the government’s favorite time of year once again and April 15th is just around the corner. If you’re looking for worthy tax-deductible organizations, be sure to consider the Sigma Chi Foundation. Your contributions are 100% tax deductible and they may be designated to your chapter for future educational use. In case you’re wondering how this works, let me give you an example, we currently have several alumni who contribute to this account. Over the past 4 years, contributions like these have made it possible for an undergraduate brother to receive the Terry Owens Founding Consul Award along with a scholarship check. Please consider helping the Foundation and Eta Iota by contributing this year to:

Sigma Chi Foundation
C/O Eta Iota
1714 Hinman Ave
Evanston, IL

Be sure to write on the check that your contributions should be earmarked for the Eta Iota Chapter account.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the information in this email or your House Corporation.

Guard Well,

John Banta
Eta Iota House Corporation President

Once again, as always, Happy Birthday to those brothers celebrating in March:
Name/Class Day
David Craig 2000 1
Jeff Lee 1973 1
Mike Meck 1972 1
Michael Saggese 1991 1
Felix M. Temples 1973 1
Anthony W Leggieri 2001 2
Bob McGill 1980 2
John Wright 1995 2
Fred E. Evans 1975 5
Mike Kubanet 1974 5
Larry Maddox 1977 5
Jere Andrews 1973 6
Robert Coffey 1973 7
Tom McCarthy 1984 9
Mark Pfister 1995 10
Gary Wolf 1979 10
Gregory Guzik 1995 11
Christopher MacDougall 1993 11
Joseph Altomare 2004 13
Chris Gohlke 1997 13
Gary Spangler 1972 13
Jere Thome 1990 14
Kevin Alston 1995 15
Edward Coholich 1984 16
Nicholas Cornwell 1977 19
Tom Henion 1974 19
Don Osmundson 1972 19
Timothy Glassett 2004 20
Dan Vasilj 1991 20
Micah Gautraud 2001 21
Richard Rouse 1972 21
John Alford 1984 22
James Jocek 1980 22
Thomas Schaeffer 1999 22
Brian Bartlett 1987 24
Todd Kaylor 1983 25
Scott A. Quinn 1988 25
Walt Sharpe 1974 25
Peter Zaccagnino 1992 26
Dennis Caldwell 1972 27
Jerry Filippone 1978 27
Kenneth R. Kuhrt 1971 27
Richard Schooley 1991 27
James Thoms 1985 27
Bruce Lina 1977 28
Bill Ulm 1986 29
Gabriel Davis 2004 31
Clair Stahley 1984 31


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