July 2001 House Corporation President Update

Eta Iota @ Grand Chapter

This past weekend, over 500 Sigma Chis converged on The Big Easy for the fraternity’s bi-annual Grand Chapter. Eta Iota was represented well with numerous undergraduates and alumni, including Tyrel “J-J” Gibson, Grant “big-britches” Petronsky, Julio “Papa-John” Varela, Tom “something’s growing on my face” Maugeri (he swears it’s not infectious), Jeff “Look who I’m dating” Fejfar, Mark “Have you seen my jet” Burroughs, Brian “any scissor lifts around here” Lojko, and the 99-01 Int’l Sweetheart Wendy Papson. A good time was had by all and the locals on Bourbon Street treated us well during the after hours festivities.

As for the business conducted during the legislative sessions, there was some mixed news on the elections of new officers for the General Fraternity. While Mark Burroughs unfortunately did not get the Grand Quaestor position, he is now a Grand trustee. As one of the primary responsibilities of the Trustees is to work on housing situations, Mark will certainly continue to be a helpful resource with future housing issues facing Eta Iota. Plus, he handled it well when I vomited in his loafers after White Rose a couple years back so how bad can he be?
Other business discussed was a planned increase in the pledging and initiation fees by about $75 per pledge as well as increasing the undergraduates’ semi-annuals by $5 per semester. As for the new international Sweetheart, there were some unique candidates including Kim and Mary-Kay Howard, the co-ed twins from Vanderbilt who were running on the same ticket (another Sigma Chi first), a very attractive Emily Black from Ole’ Miss, and Ellen Morgan from Arkansas State. The twins wound up taking the crown(s).
Mark Burroughs also announced the recent appointment of Julio Varela as the new Grand Praetor for South Florida. As most of you know, Julio was Chapter Advisor for our chapter for several years and assisted Eta Iota through potentially difficult times. Congratulations to both Mark and Julio on their new positions.

New Air Conditioners Installed

The main house has new air conditioners as of last month. A local contractor installed 2 new compressors and air handlers – one each for downstairs and upstairs. These should prove to be more efficient than the previous system and more reliable as well. Total cost for this project was approximately $6,000.

July Birthdays

As the 4th of July approaches, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our brothers and their families a safe and enjoyable holiday as well as Happy Birthday to those celebrating in July:

Day Name/Class
1 Mauricio Aguilar 1989
1 James D. Atkins 1985
2 Steve Bobonick 1978
2 Jon Burrows 1991
2 Mike Knizewski 1986
2 Jeff Oltman 1982
2 George Zimmer 1982
5 Sidi Lemnouni 1973
5 Mike Murray 1975
5 Mike Patterson 1995
5 Robert Paulus 1981
7 Randy Symanski 2000
9 Chris Fergueson 2004
9 Don Miller 1979
10 Richard A. Farina 1976
10 Frank Memolo 1984
10 Mike Sleeper 1992
11 Ramano Sprueil 1994
12 Frank Bloomer 1981
12 Andrew Martin 2004
13 William Berg 1974
13 Denny Marvicsen 1973
13 Pat Mooney 1983
14 Chad Ciaravella 2000
15 Chirstopher Fox 1999
15 Pat Muncie 1975
18 Chadwick Conner 1990
18 Roy Lockwood 1972
18 Ken Zaccagnini 1985
19 David Little 1995
20 James R Allison 2004
20 Fernando A Millon 2002
21 Guy Shore 1971
21 James L. Webre 1974
21 Cory Weir 1997
22 Mario Scalzo 1987
23 Jason Smith 2000
24 Stephen A. Blake 1974
25 Tommy Alouf 1982
25 Lawson Mansfield 1977
25 Hobson Morgan 1973
25 Gerry Taggart 1982
26 Scott Rehn 2001
27 Richard Bush 1975
27 Mark McNally 1991
27 John Williams 1992
28 Scott McIvor 1993
29 Kevan MacKenzie 2001
30 Keith Kelly 1999
31 Dave Campbell 1978
31 Bill Krebs 1986
31 Harry Nostrant 1987

Guard Well,

John Banta
Eta Iota House Corporation President


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