October 2001 House Corporation President Update

I’d like to start this month’s update with a collective sigh of relief that our own Brothers from Eta Iota were not directly involved with the tragic events of September 11th. While some of us were closer than others by either being in the air or in the vicinity of the disaster sites, I was relieved to hear that our members are safe and not among the list of victims.

The terrorists’ actions of that tragic day have been both shocking and awakening for all of us as a nation and we are now beginning to feel it’s implications as aviation professionals. With the aviation industry already pounded by a slowing economy, the new regulations and financial crisis facing the industry are sure to bring home unwelcome news for many of us. With a state of emergency declared at most major carriers and over 100,000 layoffs and furloughs expected throughout the industry, I think it’s important to remind our Brothers that you find strength in the arms of our brotherhood.

The House Corporation will be publishing a printed newsletter next month and I would encourage anyone who is looking for employment for whatever reason to send me relevant information so that we can get the word out amongst our members. In the meantime, realize that we are a tremendous network of brothers brought together not only by a common thread of aviation or Embry-Riddle, but the close-knit brotherhood of Sigma Chi and the experiences we have shared. It is these times of uncertain circumstances when the fraternal grip or a simple phone call reminds us that we are there for each other and can give support in many ways. Take advantage of it if you are in a position to do so!

ERAU Requesting Greek Life Info

For those of you who have been anxious since 30th to do something about the university’s stance on Greek Row, here’s your opportunity. Please see the following email from the university requesting feedback from our members and insight into our need for future housing considerations. Realize however, that this is our opportunity for constructive explanations and a unified display of support rather than destructive criticism of any past broken promises or behaviors. Please take a moment and send Ken Dufour an email outlining your support for future Greek Housing at Embry-Riddle as he will be presenting his findings directly to ERAU’s President, George Ebbs. Delta Chi and other organizations have been asked for similar input so please help us with this important initiative.

From the Office of Alumni Relations, ERAU:
Dear Gentlemen,
At the request of Dr. Ebbs, alumni Ken Dufour will be holding Student Life Trustee Meetings in October. The only thing on the agenda for the next two meetings are Greek Life. He will take what he learns to the Trustees of the university and the president.

Ken Dufour is an Alumni Trustee of the university and he knows nothing about Greek Life at ERAU. He knows nothing of the situations going on now. He wants to know our wants, needs, desires, problems, or concerns by calling, emailing, or writing him. Its the Greeks chance to have a voice directly to the President and Trustees. His contact info is provided below. I can get his mailing address if anyone needs it.

Ken DuFour
University Alumni Trustee

2000-2001 Fiscal Results

Well, the unofficial results are in and we’ve done pretty well as an organization this past year. Our new fiscal year started September 1st and I’ve since had an opportunity to look over our performance from last year and it is good! Much of our success is once again due to the actives and their outstanding commitment to their financial responsibilities to House Corporation. Rent this past year was paid in full on the day it was due without a single reminder or notice!

Our balance sheet looks good and I will be including a detailed copy in the upcoming newsletter but let me touch upon some of the highlights:

  • 30th Birthday came out as a financial success due to the tremendous response from those who attended. In the end, careful budgeting and attention to detail by Brother Brian Lojko and the other coordinators resulted in the celebration weekend contributing a small amount to House Corp revenues.
  • 1855 Club Donations have again been fantastic due to the commitment of our members. We collected nearly $10,000 during the fiscal year which is quite amazing considering the program is still relatively young. Thank you once again to each and every contributor and Brother Rick Schooley for coordinating the collections so far.
  • House improvements continue to be our biggest expense as we invested nearly $15,000 into the house for several major renovation and repair projects including new central air conditioners for the main house, chapter room furniture, columns on the front porch, new carpeting for the upstairs and various plumbing and electrical repairs.
  • Long term savings continue to be a high priority for House Corp and we have continued with this trend by contributing a significant amount to our Dreyfus account.

1855 Coins & Shirt Update

Our monthly donors will notice a new look to the automatic drafts starting with the September deposits. We have switched to a new check layout that is more secure as it includes several safety features such as micro-printing and colored backgrounds. There is no change at all to the program and your deposits will not be affected in any way, I have just asked that this step be taken as an extra security measure.

For those of you who are awaiting your 1855 Club coins, I have a long awaited update for you. As several of you know, there was a dispute between the minter and distributor as to whether or not our order had been paid for.  It has since gotten to be a fairly ugly situation between the 2 of them and our coins have been held hostage throughout the ordeal. I have just recently found a new contact who is one of the distributor’s associates who seems to be more receptive to resolving this issue after I started mentioning our legal options. He is promising to have information for me the first week in October, so I hope to have them sent out shortly after that. I apologize for the long wait in getting these to everyone but will keep you posted on this as it develops. In the meantime, take a look at the coins on the web right here, they came out great!

As for the shirts, I have recently placed an order for new polos as we ran out during 30th Birthday for the White Cross and Constantine members. The new design is pretty sharp and is due out in a couple weeks. Hopefully I will be able to send those along with the coins to those who are on the list.

Homecoming 2001 – Wings & Waves

Check out the official ERAU homepage for more information on this year’s Wings & Waves Homecoming events: www.embryriddle.edu/wingsandwaves

Fall Newsletter Coming Soon

As I mentioned earlier, we are planning a printed newsletter to be mailed out late October or early November. Last summer, I asked for anyone with information to share to send it to me so that we can include it in print and the response was very good. once again, I’d like to invite anyone with news to share (engagements, weddings, anniversaries, births, promotions and yes, even furloughs) to email it to me at magnum@ntplx.net so that we can include it. Send anything and everything as I would like to include as much as possible from those who have something to shout out to the world. We can also include a limited number of pictures so send those along if you have an extra copy and I’ll do my best to include them all.

I Period Announced

The fall officers of the Eta Iota undergraduate chapter have been planning and setting dates for the fall semester. While at Balfour LTW, which was hosted at Ball State in Muncie, Indiana, I-Week and Initiation were put on the calendar. To make it a great initiation we would like for all the alumni to mark their calendars and attend if possible. The date set is Saturday, December 1st. We will hold to this date but depending on how the semester goes it may change. If and when it should change we will notify everyone immediately. If anyone should have any questions about the semester, feel free to call me or anyone at the house. We’ve got a great semester planned. Hope to see everyone there!

In Hoc,
Mark Nicalek
Fall ’01, Pro Consul

Guard Well,

John Banta
Eta Iota House Corporation President

Eta Iota Birthdays

Once again, as always, Happy Birthday to those brothers celebrating in October:

Day Name/Class
1 David Newman 1973
2 Mark Burroughs 1979
2 Eric Hockman 1990
4 Roger Gross 1993
4 Bob Sween 1972
5 Seth Downs 1992
5 Chris Marrero 1999
6 Ed Lowry 1999
6 Ross Stearn 1986
8 Nicholas Nesta 1985
9 Jim Furman 1973
9 Robert Hartley 1974
9 Michael J. Remmert 1989
10 Bussey Allsup 1971
10 Pat McKelvey 2001
10 Ryan Steffey 1993
11 Jeff Hosler 1991
11 James Javurek 1979
12 Jon Brickner 1990
12 Allen Cassino 1996
12 Terry Roberts 1971
13 Randall L. Cohen 1985
13 James W. Dillon 1983
14 Steve Gregory 1978
14 William T. Reynolds 1991
16 Phil Williams 1991
17 Mitch Nimey 1991
18 Scott Card 2001
19 Jon Kalic 1992
20 Tom Costello 1987
20 Thomas Maugeri 1999
21 Michael Read 1995
22 John Ferguson 1975
22 Brad Nunn 1981
23 John Banta 1996
23 John Haszard 1972
23 Neil Tiedt 1971
24 John Emhoff 1999
24 Rob Papandrea 2000
24 Michael Pelosi 1981
24 Ron Sherr 1970
27 Michael Libonati 1982
27 Michael Wyble 1977
28 Greg Bull 1976
28 Micheal J. Plapp 1979
29 Chris Holloway 1981
29 Todd Lake 1983
30 Chuck Hall 1989
31 Scott Ekey 1982
31 Jonathan Walrath 2002


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