March 2002 House Corporation President Update

As some of you have noticed, this is the first House Corp update of 2002 as I have been unable to devote as much time and energy to this position in the past few months as it deserves. American has been keeping me more than busy as we are approaching the launch of a brand new website for with a fresh new look and all sorts of functionality for our customers.

With it scheduled to launch later this month, my time for House Corp has been pretty limited. For those of you who are interested, we are having a beta-launch prior to the actual release for select customers. As airline employees and industry experts, drop me a line if you’re interested in trying it out before the general public and I can set you up.

31st Birthday Plans

The Undergraduate Consul, Mark Nicalek, and the rest of the active chapter have been planning for this year’s birthday celebration. Pricing for the weekend of festivities has been announced on the website as $47 per person. You should have receievd a postcard with basic info but you can find additional information as well as hotel arrangements online at Feel free to contact Mark at or by phone at 386-453-8240 if you have any questions.

House Corp Annual Meeting & Elections

The annual House Corp meeting will take place Sunday, March 24th at 11am at the Chapter House. Any local alumni as well as those in town for birthday are encouraged to attend to discuss developments over the past year and for an update on House Corp finances. At this meeting we will also be conducting the annual business of electing officers for the 2002-2003 term. If you have any nominations at this time, please email them to me at The positions that are available include:

SECRETARY James Ahrens
TRUSTEE Nick Cornwell
TRUSTEE Mike Wyble

Fire Sprinkler Update

Last Fall, the General Fraternity announced plans to consider allocating certain funds towards improving fire safety in light of recent events and increasing insurance costs. One of the proposals was to investigate assisting chapters with the costs of installing sprinkler systems for those that do not already have them. I have been approached by the General Fraternity and asked if we would be interested in participating with a limited number of other chapters to explore this option in greater detail. While I am still waiting to heaar back from headquarters, I am hoping that this is something that we can pursue with our current house. Obviously there will be many factors influencing the final decision, some of which include obvious costs we would have to pay, the expected savings that would result and of course the always asked: How much expected time left at 520 S Ridgewood. I’ll keep you posted once we hear any developments.

Guard Well,


John Banta
Eta Iota House Corporation President

Eta Iota Birthdays

Once again, as always, Happy Birthday to those brothers celebrating in March:
Name/Class Day
01 Felix M. Temples “Bud ” ’73
01 Mike Meck ’72
01 Jeff Lee ’73
01 Michael Saggese “Mike ” ’91
01 David Craig ’00
02 Bob McGill ’80
02 John Wright ’95
02 Anthony W Leggieri “Jack-in-the-Box ” ’01
05 Larry Maddox ’77
05 Mike Kubanet ’74
05 Fred E. Evans ’75
07 Robert Coffey ’73
09 Tom McCarthy “Gorf ” ’84
10 Gary Wolf ’79
10 Mark Pfister ’95
11 Christopher MacDougall “Chris ” ’93
11 Gregory Guzik ’95
13 Gary Spangler ’72
13 Chris Gohlke ’97
13 Joseph Altomare ’00
14 Jere Thome ’90
15 Kevin Alston ’95
16 Edward Coholich “Ed ” ’84
19 Don Osmundson Jr ’72
19 Tom Henion ’74
19 Nicholas Cornwell Jr “Nick ” ’77
20 Dan Vasilj ’91
20 Timothy Glassett ’04
21 Richard Rouse ’72
22 James Jocek “Jimbo ” ’80
22 John Alford ’84
22 Thomas Schaeffer Jr “Curious George (Tom) ” ’99
24 Brian Bartlett ’87
25 Todd Kaylor ’83
25 Scott A. Quinn “Scooter ” ’88
25 Walt Sharpe ’74
26 Peter Zaccagnino “Mr Magoo ” ’92
27 Dennis Caldwell ’72
27 Kenneth R. Kuhrt “Ken ” ’71
27 Gerard Filippone “Jerry ” ’78
27 James Thoms “Jamie ” ’85
27 Richard Schooley ’91
28 Bruce Lina ’77
28 Chris Wood “duece ” ’04
29 Bill Ulm ’86
31 Clair Stahley ’84


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