July 2002 House Corporation President Update

RMF Costs to Rise Again

Just when you think our insurance providers have screwed us the best they can, they do it again. As you probably remember, we were notified of an estimated increase last year of somewhere around 25% that turned out to be 70% year over year. We just got word that this will probably be another devastating year for fraternity insurance costs (according to our own Risk Management Foundation) as we have again been notified of another increase…this time in the neighborhood of 70%. Obviously this is devastating news for many chapters and is certainly far from good news for Eta Iota.

I honestly don’t know how many chapters will continue to stay afloat financially with these types of increases.
House Corp is awaiting the final figures to know exactly what our 2002-2003 premiums will come out to but we are already thinking of alternate payment plans for the actives to be able to afford such an increase without this becoming more of a crisis. We would gladly appreciate any assistance from our Insurance gurus in helping us identify ways to reduce costs. If you have any background in this matter, please contact either me at 214-979-0850 or Brian Lojko at 912-897-4659.

Quarterly Newsletter in the Works

House Corp is currently writing articles for an upcoming newsletter expected out later this month. In it, you will find an update on the housing situation at ERAU, house improvements recently done by the undergrads and some planned by House Corp, and of course the always popular updates from our Brothers on their careers and personal lives.
If you have any updates that you would like to submit, please send them to me as soon as possible before we run out of space. You can email any text to me at magnum@ntplx.net. Remember however that these newsletters will only be printed and mailed to you if you have explicitly requested a printed version in your profile on etaiota.org. In an effort to reduce costs, we are generating an electronic version in PDF format that will be accessible by everyone and sending actual printed version to those who request it.

Update Your Eta Iota Profile

Checking or updating your online profile is easy:
1. Go to http://etaiota.org/database/search.htm
2. Enter your last name & the last name of the mascot pictured
3. Verify your information and submit any changes as necessary. Note that you will only receive a paper copy of the newsletter if either a) we do not have your email address on file or b) we do have your email address on file but your profile indicates that you require a paper copy.

Greek Alumni Council

The Greek Alumni Council that Mike Lee from Delta Chi began last year is starting to pick up steam. They have applied for (and been granted) status as an official alumni chapter from ERAU which will provide the organization with some financial support and greater recognition from the university. The purpose again is to increase awareness of our intentions on campus and for a unified voice to the university when expressing our concerns about Greek housing. It’s important to note however that being part of this organization does not bind us to the other Greek organizations on campus in terms of specific needs for future housing. We are still independent as Sigma Chi and will continue to pursue our own needs on an individual basis while utilizing the benefits of a common voice.
Officer elections have recently taken place and I hope to have the results in time for the upcoming newsletter. Because of time constraints and not being Daytona Beach locals, both Brian Lojko and myself have declined to run for an officer position within the GAC. However, I am glad to say that we do have local representation through Dave Fraser. Brian and I approached Dave and asked him to keep in touch with the semi-annual meetings held by the GAC and he gladly accepted.

House Updates

This past weekend, Brian and I visited Daytona for an update on the house and to investigate opportunities for some minor room renovations over the coming months. We were both pleased to see several improvement projects being managed by the actives improving the overall condition of the house. Thanks primarily to Brothers Mark Nicalek and Tommy Turfitt, they have rejuvenated the lawn in front and replaced the planting beds lining the north & south wings, repainted all doors and have installed new room numbers. They have taken other initiatives as well that have greatly improved the condition of the house. You will read more about this in the upcoming newsletter in articles being written by the undergrads.
While in town, we also took that opportunity to make additional improvements on behalf of House Corp such as a new microwave and message board in the kitchen and new kitchen sink fixtures to be installed in the near future. Brian and I also evaluated several rooms along with the actives as possible candidates for minor renovations. Right now, it looks like we will be updating the bathrooms in rooms 5 and 14 (both corner rooms in the wings), as well as replacing leaking plumbing fixtures in 3 or 4 other rooms. We are currently prioritizing these projects and will be requesting several estimates prior to getting underway.

July Birthdays

As always, Happy Birthday to those Eta Iota Brothers celebrating in July:
07/01 James D. Atkins ’85
07/01 Mauricio Aguilar “Reese ” ’89
07/02 Steve Bobonick ’78
07/02 Jeff Oltman ’82
07/02 George Zimmer ’82
07/02 Mike Knizewski “Ski ” ’86
07/02 Jon Burrows ’91
07/05 Sidi Lemnouni ’73
07/05 Mike Murray ’75
07/05 Robert Paulus “Rob ” ’81
07/05 Mike Patterson ’95
07/09 Don Miller ’79
07/09 Chris Michael Ferguson “ACE ” ’03
07/10 Richard A. Farina “Rich ” ’76
07/10 Frank Memolo ’84
07/10 Mike Sleeper ’92
07/11 Ramano Sprueil MD “Miner ” ’94
07/12 Frank Bloomer ’81
07/12 Andrew Martin ’04
07/13 William Berg “Bill ” ’74
07/13 Denny Marvicsen ’73
07/13 Pat Mooney ’83
07/14 Chad Ciaravella ’00
07/15 Pat Muncie ’75
07/15 Chirstopher Fox “Zegular ” ’99
07/16 Ryan G Jarvis “Wiggum ” ’05
07/18 Roy Lockwood ’72
07/18 Chadwick Conner “Chad ” ’90
07/18 Ken Zaccagnini ’85
07/19 David Little ’95
07/20 Fred Allen ’78
07/20 J.Richard Allison IV “Dickie ” ’03
07/20 Richard Winter “smuckers ” ’05
07/21 Guy Shore ’71
07/21 James L. Webre “Jim ” ’74
07/21 Cory Weir ’97
07/22 Mario Scalzo ’87
07/23 Jason Smith “VANILLA ” ’00
07/24 Stephen A. Blake “Steve ” ’74
07/25 Hobson Morgan ’73
07/25 Lawson Mansfield ’77
07/25 Gerry Taggart ’82
07/25 Tommy Alouf ’82
07/26 Scott Rehn “Corncob ” ’99
07/26 Jeff Feliciano “Hummer ” ’05
07/27 Richard Bush “Rich ” ’75
07/27 Mark McNally ’91
07/27 John Williams III “Chewy ” ’92
07/28 Scott McIvor ’93
07/29 Kevan MacKenzie “Fuzzy ” ’01
07/30 Keith Kelly ’99
07/31 David L Campbell ’78
07/31 Harry Nostrant ’87
07/31 Bill Krebs ’86

in hoc,

John Banta
Eta Iota House Corp President


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