November 2002 House Corporation President Update

New look for

Our esteemed Webmaster, Bill Palmer and I have been throwing around ideas for improving our website and have already begun rolling out some of the changes. You’ll notice changes to the site upon your next visit that we hope you will find useful:

  • New homepage – We have grown over the years and so has our homepage. We have cleaned up the content and improved the legibility with a crisp look & feel.
  • Header images – New header images have been added for each of the main sections of the site. You will find different images appearing in the top-left corner of your browser window depending on which area of the site you are viewing.
  • Standardized navigation – You will notice that every single page has a standard navigation bar along the top edge. With this, you can get to any area of the site very easily and with only a couple of clicks. This nav bar has links to the homepage, the undergraduates’ site, our membership directory, current and past newsletters (both printed & email versions), The 1855 Club section, our very popular guest book, job listings and the photo album.
  • Style sheets – We are moving towards using style sheets on more and more of our pages. That basically means more consistent (and thereby more readable) pages.

Take a look at the new site and let us know what you think. There is a lot of pretty useful functionality on here to help you keep in touch with our brothers and find out what is going on with your chapter and House Corp.

Homecoming & White Rose Update

Sorry for the late notice but this year’s Career Expo and homecoming weekend is this week, Nov 6-10. See ERAU’s official schedule of events for complete information and details about the festivities planned.
Want to go to White Rose? You’ll have to ask the active for details as we have not heard anything.

1855 Members Update

Thank you to Brothers Bonini, Morrison and Marino for their recent contributions to The 1855 Club. Many of you are taking advantage of our new form of payment for the program by making a full year’s contribution by credit card. It’s easy – what’s stopping you from joining??
Our membership continues to grow and past members are renewing their contributions for which we are grateful. Thank you once again to all members and their continuing support of Eta Iota!

Know of Any Job Opportunities

As layoffs and furloughs become more common, our career listings on becomes more helpful to our brothers. If you know of any positions or openings in any field that may be of interest, please contact Bill Palmer with any details so that they can be posted for our members.

Guard Well,

John Banta
Eta Iota House Corp President

November Birthdays

As always, Happy Birthday to those Eta Iota Brothers celebrating in November:
11/01 Andy Roberts ’93
11/02 Terence McCullough “T ” ’85
11/03 David Hines “Dave ” ’93
11/04 Pete Ripley ’73
11/04 Mike Van Hamburg ’81
11/04 Philip Humbert “Phil ” ’80
11/04 Jim Schlosser ’85
11/04 Carmine Respucci ’85
11/04 Jeffrey Alan Fejfar “Shark Bait ” ’00
11/05 Bernie Palmer ’75
11/06 Paul Williams ’71
11/06 George Waterman ’72
11/07 Gregg Rorabaugh “Bam Bam ” ’86
11/08 Paul Jensen ’80
11/08 John Clough ’83
11/08 Thomas E Falkner “Tom ” ’87
11/08 Jude Gableman ’99
11/10 Sean Cantwell ’04
11/11 George G. Cannady “Guy ” ’74
11/12 Drew Kelley ’86
11/12 Ian McVeigh ’93
11/12 Jason Mesteller “Surgeon ” ’00
11/13 Paul Mercandetti ’72
11/13 Theodore Janiec “Ted ” ’85
11/13 Bert Somers ’89
11/14 Eric Zimmerman “EZ ” ’92
11/14 Michael Tomlin ’94
11/16 Thomas E. Nanfelt “Tom. ” ’72
11/17 Dave McGloon ’73
11/17 Joe Fabiano ’95
11/17 Greg Tennille ’89
11/20 John McDaniel ’73
11/22 Mark O’Neill ’97
11/24 Jack Sheehan ’74
11/24 Dan Kessler ’70
11/24 Jaime Mercado ’91
11/24 Michael Tomai “Daniel San ” ’05
11/25 Michael Pusch “Mike ” ’76
11/25 Michael H Mathewson “Mike ” ’80
11/25 Mike Clohisy “Skip ” ’82
11/27 James W Patterson “Jim ” ’73
11/28 Sid Barling ’71
11/28 Richard Gadd Jr “Dick ” ’72
11/28 John Houghtaling ’72
11/28 Thomas Kachmar “Kach ” ’77
11/29 Gary Granger ’90
11/30 John Benedict ’72

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