Brother Hugh Mills (HI’74) wins Significant Sig Award

Brother Mills will be inducted as a Significant Sig on Friday, July 3rd, at the 77th Grand Chapter. During the 39 years of Eta Iota’s existence, we have only been recognized for one Significant Sig, Brother John Bailey’ 75.

I am humbled to have nominated Hugh for this great honor and am thrilled that he will finally be recognized for the tremendous sacrifices he has made for his community and our nation.

Brother Mills attended Officer Candidate School in the height of the Vietnam war. He was selected for Flight School and received his Army Aviator Wings as a helicopter pilot. At age twenty, he commanded a squadron of ten aircraft, and twenty young men in combat.

At the hands of the enemy, Brother Hugh Mills was shot down sixteen times in combat! Repeat…sixteen times!

After completing three tours in combat, Hugh had become one of the most, if not the most, highly decorated pilots in the Viet Nam war. He went on to command many units. He also “re-wrote” many of the Army helicopter tactics manuals. After completing twenty-six years of service in the Army, he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. He has been director of security for several corporations, and has recently completed a career and retired as a Kansas City Police Officer/ Helicopter/Instructor pilot. Now, as a high demand speaker and author, he still finds time to fulfill an additional career as number two in command of the Sheriffs Department of the Kansas City area.

Brother Mills is a Life Loyal Sig, former Consul, Jordan Award recipient, Officer of the Year from the Kansas City Police Department, inductee of The Gathering of Eagles at Maxwell AFB (along with John Glenn and Chuck Yeager) and an inductee of Arkansas Aviation Hall of Fame.

Hugh and his wife Sharon have been married for thirty six years. She serves a “Vice” detective for the Kansas City Police Department.

Please join us in congratulating Brother Mills. As you may recall, the Significiant Sig Award is Sigma Chi’s highest recognition for achievement in a Brother’s professional career and civic endeavors. His success has brought new luster and prestige to the White Cross.

2 Responses to “Brother Hugh Mills (HI’74) wins Significant Sig Award”

  1. Gem Koski says:

    Hugh, Congratulations doesn’t seem to be enough to say–but congratulations and best wishes to you always.
    Thank you is not enough either, but thank you. Thank you for your dedication, loyalty, and service to our country. I am honored to know you and to know the man that you have become.

    Your friend always, Gem

  2. Louise Ryan says:

    Hugh, a wonderful award for a courageous, inspiring soldier and all-round “good guy”. Congratulations! You’re an example for all the men and women in our armed forces.
    Best to you,