We have lost a brother today

Brothers and Friends,

Drew HunterI’m sorry to have to be the one who give everyone the bad news, but our Brother and friend Drew Hunter has passed away in a kayaking accident.  He was with friends yesterday afternoon when he became stuck in the river.  They tried to help him but it didn’t work.  The search party found our brother Drew this morning.

This is the link to the news story from Vail, CO.

As of now there are no plans for a funeral.  As soon as I find out the information I will pass it on.  I am out in Denver with Drew’s fiance and family and will keep everyone up to date.  Please use me as a contact, 603-630-4181.

Guard Well and Strong Arms Brothers,

Brad Vomacka

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  1. Brett Miller says:


    An update from Brad Vomacka;

    I know you all are wanting news on Drew and his family. As of now his parents are still not sure when they are going to have a ceremony back home in Marshfield, Mass (just south of Boston). Drew had expressed his wishes to be cremated when it was his time to go. Because of this, his family feels in no rush to have a ceremony. This doesn’t mean they are going to wait months, but it might not be with in the next week…all of this is sill up in the air.

    We have built a memorial for Drew and are going up to the spot on the river where everything happened tomorrow morning to place his “white cross” and have a small memorial for everyone here in Vail. I will send pics of what we have made for drew as soon as i get them.

    For everyone who wants to send a card or letter or whatever you feel is appropriate, please send everything to this address:

    PO Box 351
    Marshfield, Ma 02050

    If you are going to send flowers or things that are perishable, please send them to this address:

    258 Pudding Hill Lane
    Marshfield, Ma 02050

    The 1st address is for cards and whatnot. The 2nd address if for things that could “go bad”

    You can address everything the Mr. or Mrs. Hunter. The address are not the Hunter’s, they are a family friend that is very close and has volunteered to help.

    As I get more information on when and where the ceremony will be I will let you all know. Thank you for all of you support of Drew’s family and friends during this hard time. Everyone out here is very touched at the outpouring of love from Drew’s brothers and friends.

    If any of you know of brothers who are not on Egroups and might not be getting this information please pass these emails on so that everyone can stay informed.

    Guard Well,

  2. Brett Miller says:

    Second update from Brad;

    Hey everyone.

    I have more news from the Hunter front. we have made a web site for everyone to upload photos of Drew so that when its time to make slide shows and whatnot we have one place to pull from. the website is from Photobucket and the link is


    It should be an open site, but if you need passwords they are:

    Username: drewbhunter

    Password: hunter

    if the user name doesn’t work use my email: bvomacka@gmail.com as the username.

    Please upload any photos of Drew that you feel you need to. This site is for everyone and I hope that all the photos of this weekend will be posted asap.

    We are still up in the air about when the service for Drew will be. As soon as I know I’ll pass the info on.

    Please pass this info onto anyone that might not get these emails.

    Guard Well


  3. Brett Miller says:

    An article from the Vail Daily today about the memorial made for Drew, thank you Brother Titus & Vomacka for this link;


    “Click on the picture of the cross they left. Very touching what his parents wrote.” – Brother Joby Titus

  4. Bill Palmer says:

    Brad Vomacka writes:
    Hey everyone,

    I’ve attached the paper that was written up about Drew’s accident on the river. The two friends that were with him when it happened sat down and put it all on paper. I hope this helps everyone that couldn’t be there to get a better understanding about Drew’s last day.
    The family has decided to have a service back home in Mass either on the 20th or 27th. Once they narrow down the date I’ll let you all know and we can work on housing for everyone.

    Guard Well,


  5. Brett Miller says:

    Another update from Vomacka with dates and times for the services:

    Hey everyone,

    I’ve just gotten word that the service for Drew will be Sunday the 21st of June at 2:30pm in the First Parish Church in Duxbury, Mass.

    I hope to see many of you there. When I figure out more details I will try and get lodging in the local area set up for us. If you are planing on attending please email me and let me know so I can get an accurate count. Many of Drew’s friends have extended their extra rooms in Duxbury and the surrounding towns for us. I’ll let you all know what I come up with over the next few days.

    Please send this info along to those who might not get this email.


    Ps. We will be having a White Rose ceremony for Drew during the service on Sunday.