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Lease Documents

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

For those interested, the Lease Documents are included in this password protected zip file. The password is the same “dog’s last name” as is found on the Member Directory pages.
HC Lease

August 2009 Newsletter

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

House Update
Announcements & Birthdays

House Update
Not much new at the House this past month. I’d like to thank all the alumni who participated in the Alumni Work Weekend efforts. Thanks to your help, the undergraduates have a much improved (both in looks & organization); library, brothers office, chapter room, and kitchen. Our major overhauls can be found in the pictures below.
The undergraduates have completed their clean up of the planting beds out front as well as their continued quest of maintaining a clean/”mother approved” house.

Chapter Room

Chapter Room

House Front

House Front

House Front

House Front

Currently our undergraduate numbers dwindle in the low twenties. A majority of this issue is due to graduating students, not disciplinary actions. Over the past 5 years, all Greek letter organizations have had significant problems recruiting/retaining individuals, especially during the spring semester. The undergraduates have done all they can, stretching every penny during these difficult times. With Recruitment week (Rush Week) beginning today, the boys have “gone all in” on recruitment. I am pleased to report nearly a dozen young men have been offered bids at the onset of this week. The boys have approximately sixty other names and contact information of potential pledges they have been in communication with. The undergraduate chapter is not scarifying quality for quantity, they are looking for the right guys, performing dinner interviews with potentials, answering questions and doing all they can to assure our future Brothers are the leaders needed for the next generation of Winged Sig’s. For this the undergraduate chapter especially Brother Hugo and Brother Radford deserve our upmost praise.

It’s been the ultimate question for some time now; what is House Corp. responsible for, what is the undergraduate chapter responsible for, how; and to what lengths does accountability stop and Brotherhood take over? Well thanks to Brother Lojko and Brother Tetrault’s hard work / sleepless nights we finally have our answer. The lease agreement between the House Corporation and undergraduate chapter has been overhauled to answer these questions. The needs andexpectations of the current students has changed and we have been lacking an understanding of how to explain our expectations to them. In the new lease agreement; language has been altered to provide a better understanding of our expectations of them, while at the same time improve our operation. Like any other major change, there will be growing pains on both sides. However, I’m confident this will improve House Corp. / Undergraduate Chapter relationships for years to come. If anyone would like a copy of the new lease agreement package, please contact myself via email and I will be happy to email it to you

Eta Iota has some new looks. We’ve stepped up our stakes with some professional embroider polo’s. Make sure you check these and some classic Eta Iota merchandise out on our website. Make sure you include your size and quantity in your email. There is a zero percent mark up on these items. The intention is to dress our finest while still sporting the emblems of the order we love so much.
Polo 1Polo 2Polo 3Polo 4


And here’s to our September birthdays:
09/01 Larry Prosser ’75
09/01 Trevor Prigge “Chesta ” ’04
09/02 Stephen Avery III ’71
09/03 Ken Bott “Excalibur ” ’90
09/04 Tony Russo “Oneder ” ’08
09/04 Gary M. Homanick ’82
09/04 Edward Gomez “Edie ” ’92
09/04 Bryan Hogan ’94
09/04 Ron Hoye “Cupcake ” ’94
09/06 Joshua Donaldson “Snagglepuss ” ’02
09/07 David Torres “Nacho ” ’98
09/08 Thomas Haught ’95
09/08 Nickolas Hugo “Radio ” ’11
09/08 Christopher Sanscrainte “Chris ” ’95
09/09 Dennis Hall ’74
09/09 Dan Bush ’75
09/09 Brent Gillam ’89
09/09 Brent McBratney ’93
09/11 Eric Bowen ’81
09/11 Dave Stepien “Step ” ’86
09/12 Jere Anderson “Fat Albert ” ’72
09/12 Darrell A. Beard Jr. “Skip ” ’73
09/12 Dudley Mecum ’83
09/15 Art Jacobs ’74
09/15 Chris Haun “Fieval ” ’01
09/16 Hayden Haddox “Burglekutt ”
09/16 Tom Moore ’81
09/16 Roger Ebbe “Rod ” ’85
09/17 James Gierhart “Gearhead ” ’93
09/18 Dave Stuart ’79
09/18 Ted Sandoval “Ted ” ’86
09/20 John Paul DiGiacobbe “Lil’ Peepers ” ’05
09/20 James Slater “Up Chuck ” ’10
09/20 Lawrence Rea Jr “Larry ” ’75
09/20 Eric Eichmann ’92
09/20 Jason Clancy ’93
09/21 Chauncey Clark ’73
09/21 Steve Schmidt ’76
09/22 Nikolaos Renieris ’92
09/23 Geoffrey P. Harned ’77
09/23 Dwight Cheek ’75
09/24 George E. Pence PhD “Doc ” ’61
09/24 Mark Rogers “Stormy ” ’73
09/25 Ron Delle Donne ’80
09/26 Mark Schachtel ’80
09/26 Neil Campbell ’92
09/26 Colin Malaker ’92
09/26 Anthony Hammond “the Dominator ” ’95
09/27 William F. Palmer Jr. “Bill ” ’79
09/28 Joshua Ru Vincent Selvadurai “OPEC ” ’08
09/28 Timothy Forman “Tim ” ’74
09/28 Rich Rossell ’95
09/29 Kevin Ergenbright ’88
09/30 Jim Hamblin ’72
09/30 Dan Ward ’88
09/30 Frank Bokulich ’95

Happy Birthday to those Brothers celebrating in August:
08/01 Patrick L. Caylor ’84
08/02 Edward Goerges ’73
08/03 Ryan Tucker Schubert “compass ” ’99
08/03 Sean Stefanak “K-Y ” ’10
08/03 Christopher Charles Cox ’90
08/04 David L. Bonifield ’73
08/04 David E. MacMullin “Lunchbox ” ’05
08/05 Rick Spicer ’72
08/05 Bryan Gleason ’96
08/05 Quincy Evans ’04
08/06 Kevin Stocker ’85
08/06 Charles Eric Culbertson “Maytag ” ’05
08/07 Bill Foulk ’85
08/08 Michael Ryan “Squeak ” ’10
08/09 Brian Valimont “Frenchy ” ’00
08/10 Paul Brandau “Dizzle ” ’05
08/10 Larry R Kolar ’73
08/11 Thomas A. Robbins “Tom ” ’84
08/11 Christopher Nevins “Chris ” ’96
08/11 Thomas Jacobs Turfitt III “Tommy ” ’04
08/13 Roger Moody ’73
08/13 Dave Evans ’77
08/13 Mike Rossbach “Cheech ” ’77
08/13 Scott Reiter ’80
08/13 Mike Plessinger ’85
08/13 Brett Watrous ’88
08/13 Jason Googe ’93
08/15 Michael McKenzie CCUE “Spike ” ’73
08/15 Hugh Reynolds ’74
08/15 Matt Hanson “Cannon ” ’91
08/16 Archie Roberts ’74
08/17 John Ehrenreich ’83
08/17 Stuart Fraenkel Esq. ’89
08/17 Steven Todd Weeber “Todd ” ’93
08/18 Alec Shovlain “Waterboy ” ’02
08/18 Scott C Bacon “Farva ” ’06
08/18 Bradley D. Bower “Brad ” ’91
08/19 Jason Koehler ’99
08/20 George Yurcic “Shovelhead ” ’96
08/21 James Thompson “Jet ” ’74
08/21 Jack Barsin ’71
08/21 Robert C. Lambert “Bobby ” ’77
08/21 John Belleau ’91
08/21 Mike Kline Jr “Hula Girl ” ’04
08/22 Kevin Lower ’85
08/22 Brian Kilday ’94
08/23 Doug Sherwood ’95
08/23 James Dianto “Meatbaul ” ’90
08/23 Andy Fischer ’99
08/23 Zachary McKenna “Ranger ” ’10
08/24 William Frey “Billy ” ’77
08/24 Tom Waterman ’86
08/24 Craig Jenkins “streaker ” ’92
08/25 Joe Ferrell ’78
08/28 John deLafosse ’72
08/28 Juan Gonzalez ’77
08/28 Blair Shiplett “Shaggy ” ’02
08/29 Nick Nelson “Clip On ” ’07
08/29 William Craig “Bill ” ’73
08/30 Buddy Evans ’73
Hope everyone enjoys their last days of summer.

Guard Well,
Brett Miller

Thank you letter from the parents of Drew Hunter

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

We would like to thank all of Drew’s Sigma Chi Brothers for the incredible support you have given us and his family and friends. From the moment Drew lost his life in the kayaking accident, we were enveloped by the love, support and compassion of his fellow Sigma Chi’s.

Several of you came to Vail and gave us immediate support. And when we returned home to Marshfield many of you flew in to help out and attend his Celebration of Life Service. Beautiful flowers were sent from the his Eta Iota chapter and its’ sister sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, to our home and to the church. The White Rose ceremony led by his little brother, Brad Vomacka, was incredibly meaningful and touching to everyone. To have so many Brothers participate, even some who had never even met Drew, speaks for the strong bonds that Sigma Chi develops.

When Drew first pledged, we immediately saw how seriously he took his commitment to Sigma Chi. We will always treasure the letters he wrote to us and the life reflections he made during that time. We have no doubt that the values he was raised with were strengthened due to his membership in Sigma Chi. He even told his fiancee that joining Sigma Chi had changed his life and help make him the man he was.

We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts who knew and loved Drew, not only for your compassion to us, but also for giving him so many fond memories and strong friendships over the years. We will always consider you his brothers, and offer our home to you as he would have.

With affection and gratitude,

Gail and Jeremy Hunter

Protected: August 2009 Treasurer report

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

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