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House Update
th Birthday

House Update

There comes a time in everyone’s life to throw in the towel, just give up on failed policy, to move on.  Well my Brothers that time has come.  Not for me, for the window air conditioning units around the house.  The cost of repairs from replacement of these units and damage to the walls has gone on long enough.  Your House Corporation Officers and Trustees have determined the time has come for Central Air conditioning throughout the wings of our House.  By the time you read this update, the North wing will be installed.  We will also be sealing up the walls for the final time.  We hope this will make our house more efficient and cost effective in the years to come.  Due to budget constraints for the current fiscal year we will not be able to install the South wings units until sometime in May or June.  But don’t worry, we have full intentions of installing this unit in May or June.  I know that some of you have been asking about what will happen to these new units if we move out of our current structure.  The contractor we are dealing with will be able to install these units into the new structure, maintain their warranties, and use them in some manner in the new place either in separate zones or combined.

This brings us to the New House Committee.  I have had a lot of questions about this recently, where we stand, etc.  Currently the entire project is on hold.  The numbers at the current property are extremely low and even though we have 27 pledges I can’t count on that number as future tenants unit they are initiated.  We have had 5 guys become brothers in the past 4 years during the spring semester, so I’m not holding my breath there.  Also, let’s be honest with each other right now; the economy sucks and we’re mostly all in industries/business that has been extremely effected by this downward tread.  I could not nor will I ask or have someone else ask alumni for money at this time.  Little things here and there; Yes, 1855 club; absolutely, $10,000 over the course of 5 years, no way.  And these are the kinds of numbers we’re looking at.  So we, your House Corp, will do everything we can to maintain our current house and deal with its’ issues as they come up.

Does that mean the new House Committee is dead?  No.  Of course not.  We are suspended our operations at this moment.  We have completed a Programming analysis with an architecture firm specializing in Fraternity housing.  We have attended a few regional conferences on the issue.  We have talked to our Grand Trustee about the topic.  All of which recommended that we continue to explore options, but deal with the property we have until the economy comes back around.  We have also put into place the 5 year captain and pledge class representatives to widen the communication system.  This seems to be working but we have had limited feedback on the program.  Your New House Committee will continue to move forward towards our long term goal of having something to present to the alumni base at the 40th Birthday celebration in 2011.

39th Birthday

This coming years Birthday celebration will take place on March 26-28.  So everyone mark your calendars, bid that weekend off, etc.  Look for more information soon.  Our Birthday coordinator and the undergraduate’s representative are putting the final touches on the agenda and prices.   It will also be posted on etaiota.org

Website Updates

Speaking of the website, thanks goes out to Brother Palmer for posting hundreds of pictures from years past.  A majority of the scrap books, slides, and random pictures from around the house are now on the website.  Enjoy the memorizes everyone.

September Birthdays

Happy Birthday to those Brothers celebrating this month:

10/01 David A. Newman “Dave ” ’73
10/02 Mark Burroughs ’79
10/02 Eric Hockman ’91
10/02 Christopher Koerner “Uhaul ” ’06
10/04 Bob Sween ’72
10/04 Roger Gross “Bullfrog ” ’93
10/05 Seth Downs ’92
10/05 Chris Marrero “Flobee ” ’99
10/06 Ross Stearn “R-Ross ” ’86
10/06 Ed Lowry ’99
10/07 Brett Reasner “Ashley ” ’87
10/07 Dan Moquin ’94
10/08 Nicholas Nesta Jr “Nick ” ’85
10/09 Joe McCaffrey ’07
10/09 Robert Hartley ’74
10/09 Jim Furman “HUX ” ’72
10/09 Michael J. Remmert “Remy ” ’89
10/10 Bussey Allsup “Buzz ” ’71
10/10 Ryan J. Steffey “Pie ” ’93
10/10 Patrick McKelvey “Mefesto ” ’01
10/11 James Javurek “Jamie ” ’79
10/11 Jeff Hosler ’91
10/12 Terry Roberts ’71
10/12 Jon Brickner ’90
10/12 Allen Cassino “Fingers ” ’96
10/13 James W. Dillon “Jim ” ’83
10/14 Tyler Grinnell “Cabbage ” ’08
10/14 Steve Gregory ’78
10/14 William T. Reynolds II “Toby ” ’91
10/15 Bradley J. Bennett “Squirrel ” ’05
10/16 Phil Williams ’91
10/16 Mark Que “Mooch ” ’05
10/17 Mitchell Nimey “Mitch ” ’90
10/18 Scott Card “Relish ” ’01
10/18 Bret Hunter Bergman “MOOSE ” ’05
10/19 Walt Hansen ’73
10/19 Jon Kalic “Doubletake ” ’92
10/20 Tom Costello ’87
10/20 Thomas Maugeri Jr “Cliff Claven ” ’99
10/21 Michael Read ’95
10/22 John Ferguson ’75
10/22 Brad Nunn ’81
10/23 Shawn Lowe “Forrest Gump ” ’99
10/23 John Haszard ’72
10/23 John Banta ’96
10/24 Colby Aaron Parmelee “Cookie Monster ” ’10
10/24 Michael Pelosi III “Mode ” ’81
10/24 John Emhoff “Quiver ” ’99
10/24 Rob Papandrea “Tic Tac ” ’00
10/24 Joel Fenton “N2GETHER ” ’05
10/26 Jason Alan Kreisher “Sea Bass ” ’05
10/27 Michael Wyble “Mike ” ’77
10/27 Perry Charles Lewis “MILF Hunter ” ’06
10/27 Michael Libonati “Mike ” ’82
10/28 Greg Bull ’76
10/28 Micheal J. Plapp “Mike / Doc ” ’79
10/29 Joseph J. Gablin “Knees & Toes ” ’09
10/29 Chris Holloway ’81
10/29 Todd Lake ’83
10/30 Chuck Hall ’89
10/30 Pete Cameron “Roxanne ” ’03
10/31 Scott Ekey ’82
10/31 Jonathan Walrath “Lawn Dart ” ’02

Guard Well,

Brett Miller

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