House Corp Udate – May 2011



It’s been a quiet month at our house.  We made some repairs to a few rooms to make them more appealing to the brothers living there.   Our house inspection went as well.  We’re now reviewing the critical issues that we plan on dealing with over the summer months.  Mostly smaller problems that have arisen from normal wear-and-tear.  For our usual summer projects; we’re currently getting bids on fixing the main house roof, central air for the main house, and fixing some drywall issues on the second floor.  As most of you know our roof on the main house is not in great shape.  We’ve had multiple leaks over the past several years, mostly stemming from the gable (pitch) of the roof and the drain itself.  If the bids are too high, we’ll discuss another patch for the roof until we have the capital to fix it properly the following year.

The housing commission is moving progressively forward.  Mike Wyble has agreed to see the commission through these first phases of planning for our future.  It is my understanding that the commission has made initial inquires with the school and realtors/land developers in the Daytona area.  For now that’s a start, but we need your help with the next part.  I’d like to hear from everyone about what they would find important in a new house, e.g., pool, dedicated chapter room, executive meeting space, commercial kitchen, deck space……help us plan for the future.  Please send your comments

We’ve also been slowly putting our records together from the past several years. Currently we’re putting proposals and reports together from 2008-2009 undergraduate academic years.  Our Secretary Phil and Trustee Jeff have volunteered to take on the task of auditing all this information and figuring out the costs.  Like I said previously, my hope is to make a transparent House Corporation while at the same time collecting data for the housing commission’s recommendations.

Hope everyone enjoys their upcoming month.  Happy Birthday to all those Brothers born in May.  Don’t forget; if you are planning on attending Grand Chapter in Dallas or BLTW at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill – registration is currently open to all and I look forward to seeing you there.





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