House Corporation Officers


Tom McSwiggan
Cell: 203-788-1669
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Vice President

Michael Wyble "Mike " 1977
Cell: 585-317-5151
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Seth Downs 1992
Cell: 907 360 1921
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Nick Weiss "Schiezer " 2009
Cell: 224-659-0734
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Future Birthday Coordinator

Open Open

Fund Raising

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RMF Chairman



William F. Palmer Jr."Bill " 1979
Home: 760-787-9602
Cell: 760-703-9629
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Expires 2019

James Ahrens "Gassi " 1990
Cell: 206-356-4850
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Jeffrey B. Penn "Jeff " 1990
Home: 786-247-2447
Cell: 786-247-2447

Expires 2018

Bradly Vomacka "Door Jam " 2005
Home: 603-630-4181
Cell: 603-630-4181
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Robert Paul Tetrault "Mr. Burns " 2004
Home: 407-883-2549
Work: 425-249-1672
Cell: 407-883-2549
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Expires 2017

Mauricio Aguilar "Reese " 1989
Home: 301-949-8449
Cell: 301-252-5855
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Ramano Sprueil MD"Miner " 1994
Photo not avail
in public

Cell: 972-567-6782
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Eta Iota House Corporaton Bylaws

Annual Meeting Minutes.




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Lease Agreements

Insurance Documents

For those interested, the insurance documents are included in this password protected zip file. The password is the same “dog’s last name” as is found on the Member Directory pages (all lower case).

Make a Donation

Specifics on what you can donate, where to send it, and what's deductable.

Officer Lists

View a list of the current chapter officers: undergraduate, alumni and province Grand Praetor; including name, phone and email addresses.

Work Order Request

Authorized undergraduate agents may submit a work order request form.

Other Documents

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