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As a cost savings initiative, Eta Iota House Corp has made all newsletters available online here at If you still prefer to receive paper versions of the semi-annual newsletters by mail, you can do so by updating your online profile and making sure that it shows that you prefer paper newsletters.

Have an Update for the Next Newsletter?
Just send your information in an email to House Corp President, Tom McSwiggan . We will consolidate all the information with the other articles and print all that's possible.

You can also send any photos that you may want to have included in a House Corp newsletter. Either send a scanned version (prefereably jpg file) or mail an original photograph to:

Tom McSwiggan
5752 N. State Hwy 34
Kaufman TX 75142
Cell: 203-788-1669
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Still Want the Paper Newsletter?
If you still prefer to receive a paper version by mail, please update your online profile as follows:

  1. Visit the Eta Iota Online Database
  2. Enter your last name and the dog's last name as a password
  3. If you're already receiving paper newsletters, it will indicate that under the address column
  4. To update your preference, click on Edit

Officer Reports

Current chapter officer's report can be found in the lastest newsletter.

Chapter Advisor's Report

Nothing to report.

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